A case was filed in the Calcutta High Court regarding the illegal movement of job seekers

Abhijit Ray, Kolkata:The movement of SSC job seekers has been going on for a long time in Kolkata. The job seekers are protesting at various places in Kolkata which is illegal. A public interest case has been filed in the Calcutta High Court regarding the sit-in and sit-in of job seekers at various places.On Monday, lawyer Ramprasad Sarkar filed a case in the bench of Chief Justice Prakash Srivastava. The plaintiff said that the job seekers sometimes sit on Gandhimurti, sometimes on Camac Street, sometimes on Red Road.If they are eligible job seekers, why are they not coming to court? Jobs cannot be found by protesting and fasting like this. Whether it is Durga Puja or Kali Puja, the movement of the job seekers is not being stopped in any way.The petitioner in the High Court also said that just because the Chief Minister is in a constitutional position does not mean that it is her duty to give jobs. They want to make Calcutta as a field of Agitation. This is the main plea of ​​the Ram Prasad’s petition.  Let the court immediately intervene so that the job seekers can be moved away from the different places of Calcutta where they are whimsically protesting.