Prime Ministers own Brother meet Trinamool Congress Leader at Delhi

Abhijit Ray, Kolkata: Modi appeared at Trinamool Congress Lok Sabha leader Sudip Banerjee’s house in Delhi. But this is not the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, this Modi is the Prime Minister’s own brother Prahlad Modi .At the moment, who has been strongly criticizing the rationing policy of the Modi government and also he is taking part in anti-center protests at Yantramantar at New Delhi.Prahlad Modi is the All India Fair Price Shop Dealers Association’s  Vice President and Trinamool MP Sudip Banerjee is the Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on the Ministry of Food and Public Distribution. That is why Prahlad Modi visited his house to discuss some issues related to public distribution.It is known that Prahlad Modi (Modi’s Brother Prahlad Modi) raised the demand of NDAFA to the Trinamool MPs.They have this kind of position on multiple demands including increasing commission, declaring ration dealers as corona fighters. The BJP is uncomfortable with Prime Minister’s brother Prahlad Modi seeking a meeting with Trinamool Congress MPs about their demands. The Prime Minister’s brother Prahlad Modi has already expressed his anger against the central government, calling the West Bengal ration system a ‘model’ and demanding that it be implemented across the country.