Chandrababu: Everyone’s history is with me… no one can escape: Chandrababu

 -Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

Chandrababu said that in his 40 years of political power, he has seen many governments. He said that he has never seen a government like Vaikapa.

Mangalagiri: TDP chief Chandrababu said that in his 40 years of political reign, he has seen many governments.. no one resorted to personal insults. He said that he has never seen a government like Vaikapa. The new committee of the legal cell of the party was sworn in at the TDP central office in Mangalagiri. Party chief Chandrababu, party state president Achchennaidu and advocates of various districts attended the programme.

On this occasion, Chandrababu said that TDP has ushered in many important changes in the country’s politics. He said that TDEPA is a party that has given opportunities to lawyers and brought them recognition. He said that TDP has done a lot for the development of the state by appointing competent people.

Jagan said then

Rushikonda was dug up and made like Bodikonda. While the trial is going on in the court on one side, the hill is being dug on the other side. If we complete 70 percent of Polavaram.. they drowned it. Farmers gave 35 thousand acres for Amaravati. Tedepa is credited with land pooling like nowhere else in the world. Jagan said ok when he was in opposition to such Amaravati. They said then that there is no need for small state and differences.. Now they are creating division between the regions in the name of 3 capitals. We are fighting for righteousness and justice. We will continue to fight to arrest the criminals.. It requires the cooperation of lawyers.

Dastagiri is scared for his life.

Two died after Viveka’s murder. Dastagiri, who became an approver, was also scared for his life. In AP people are left unprotected. Acted against MP Raghurama at will. If an MP is like this.. what is the condition of the common man? The police system has been corrupted by the Vaikapa government. Everyone’s history is with me.. no one can escape. No matter how big an officer breaks the law, he can’t get away,” Chandrababu warned.