Suvendu Adhikari’saidearrestedin tender corruption case of Haldia municipality

Abhijit Ray, Kolkata:Satyabrata Das, the former Chairman in Council of Haldia Municipality, was arrested in the case of tender irregularities. It is reported that he is close to the state opposition leader Subhendu Adhikari. He was summoned to Bhavanipur police station on Wednesday morning. The seat members questioned him from time to time. Satyavarta Das was arrested around 11 pm after a marathon interrogation.Satyabrata alias Swapan Das is a contractor by profession. He contested the election in 2017. Became the Councilor of Ward No. 1 Sutahatar of Haldia Municipality. Then in 2021, the former chairman of Haldia Municipality, Shyamal Adak, left the Trinamool and joined the BJP. While he was the Chairman of Haldia Municipality, Shyamal Adak was accused of receiving Rs.However, on September 29 this year, Azad of Haldia filed an FIR at the local Bhavanipur police station accusing Arunanshu Mukhopadhyay, the owner of a construction company in Hindnagar, of fraud.It is alleged that Shyamal Adak created credentials worth Tk 86 lakh 29 thousand in the name of his own company by forging his company name and his signature. During the investigation of that incident, many tender corruption information came to the hands of the police. It is known that several crores of rupees of irregularity happened.Meanwhile, the police have seized one and a half thousand files related to municipal tenders. Haldia court issued an arrest warrant in that incident on October 2. In the tender corruption case, the chairman of the tender committee of the municipality during the time of the former mayor, Satyabrata Das, councilor Narayanchandra Pramanik and Vikas Jana, who is in charge of the finance department, were summoned to the police station by the police. But Satyabrata Das was accused of non-cooperation in the investigation.According to the investigators, Satyabrata did not answer all the questions. Finally, after a marathon interrogation on Wednesday, the former Chairman in Council of Haldia Municipality, Sathyabrata Das, who is close to Shuvendu Adhikari and Shyamal Adak, was arrested.