CM Bommai rules out privatisation of Escoms

Pramesh S Jain & Dr B Thomas (Special Correspondent)

Ruling out privatisation of Escoms,Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai declared that an order will be issued to supply an uninterrupted seven hours power to rural areas immediately.

Speaking at the silver jubilee function of the creation of Haveri District organised by Vijaya Karnataka, a Kannada daily, at Guru Bhavan here on Thursday,he said presently,five hours of power is being supplied but farmers have demanded to extend it by another two hours.

An order to supply seven hours of interrupted power will be issued immediately.There is no proposal before the government for the
privatization of Escoms”.

The CM also announced a compensation of Rs 20,000 if any cattle die of ‘Lumpy Skin disease and treatment cost will be borne by the government.

This disease is said to be seen in the cattle in the region. It was their responsibility against the spreading of this disease.

A special team will be sent to this area soon to take remedial steps.

Priority for working class

Bommai said the government has given priority for the working class and services 11,137 pourakarmikas are regularised recently for the first time in the history of Karnataka.

Rest of them will be regularised in the next phases Decisions like job security and safety of Anganwadi and Asha workers will be taken and that will give them respect for their job.

The ‘Raitha Vidyanidhi’ scheme was announced within four hours of assuming the charge as chief minister.

As many as 14 lakh people have taken benefit of the same this year. Despite taking other kinds of scholarships, the children of farmers are given the scholarship under this scheme too.

“Our focus is on the welfare of the working class which they are going to do at any cost”.

He said the current problems are not created but has been there for the last so many years.When they are in power,solutions must be found out and not discussed about the problems.

Leaving them unattended is not the quality of a good administrator.He works for 16-17 hours daily and makes pro-people decisions.Some issues which were pending for so many years too have been decided.

The government is helping people whenever they face problems during floods,drought or any other natural calamity without causing them any hardship.

An additional crop input subsidy had been given to the affected farmers along with the subsidy announced by the Government of India as per norms.

A sum of Rs 1800 crore additional crop input subsidy had been disbursed among farmers for the crops damaged during November floods.The houses damaged in rains in Haveri districts have been paid compensation immediately.

J.H.Patel, an icon of Karnataka politics

Praising JH Patel as one among a few politicians who have left behind an impression,Bommai said Patel was a visionary and always wished to help the common people.He would used to do injustice for whatever he had struggled while in opposition.

He is an icon in Karnataka politics and has an in-depth knowledge of problems and commitment for the people.If a politician has an eye on the next election,a veteran will have an eye on the next generation and Patel belongs to the second category.

Seven new districts were carved out during his governance to provide good governance and this has been an important milestone in the progress of Karnataka.The people of these districts will remember Patel even today, he added.

The CM said ‘Vijaya Karnataka’ newspaper is working for the welfare of people and that newspaper had submitted a ‘Haveri Vision’ document during pre-budget preparations.

As per the document,a law college and a medical college were established.Former minister late C.M.Udasi had convinced Patel to open an engineering college in Haveri and also to make Haveri as district headquarters.I had worked as political secretary to Patel and learnt a lot from him”.

Overall development of Haveri

Bommai said the overall development of Haveri district is taking place through irrigation and education.

A new medical college,an engineering college, a mega diary and an industrial park are coming up. The people’s aspirations are also increasing and the government is making honest efforts to fulfill them.