PFI: PFI is encouraging people to join Lashkar, ISIS.. NIA report

-Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

Kochi: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has seized several documents during the searches conducted at the houses and offices of the leaders of the Islamic extremist organization Popular Front of India (PFI). NIA said that the most important information has been found in these documents. It has been revealed that this organization is inciting youth to join terrorist groups like Lashkar-e-Toiba, ISIS and Al-Qaeda. This is stated in the remand report submitted to the special court.

During the searches conducted at the PFI offices, some members of the organization were arrested by the authorities. The NIA has filed a remand report in the court seeking custody of 10 of them. When this report was submitted to the court on September 22, the contents of it came to light. According to the report, a section of PFI is spreading hatred towards the country by distorting the policies of the government. Moreover, the NIA report said that the preliminary investigation revealed that the attacks were being planned targeting prominent people of a certain group. The NIA has asked the court to allow the 10 people in custody to get in-depth information regarding these conspiracies. The special court allowed this.. judicial custody was imposed on the accused.

Conspiracies to disrupt Modi’s rally

Along with the NIA, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) also conducted searches at the PFI offices. On this occasion, some PFI members were detained in Kerala. It seems that when they were interrogated, important things came to light. ED’s investigation revealed that this organization conspired to disrupt Prime Minister Modi’s rally.

Modi visited Bihar on July 12 this year. ED said that a member of the PFI said during the investigation that a plan was drawn up to disrupt the Prime Minister’s rally at that time. It is reported that the member said that apart from organizing training camps, posters and banners have also been prepared. Moreover, the ED found that the PFI had collected funds from abroad for terrorist activities in the country.

It is known that on September 22, surprise raids were conducted on PFI offices in collaboration with NIA and other central agencies in the wake of allegations that it was receiving funds from abroad and inciting religious hatred in the country. 106 people were arrested in 93 areas in 15 states. 22 people have been detained in Kerala where PFI influence is high. Chairman of that organization O. M. A. Salam is also present in this.