No forced school dress code will be imposed at West Bengal Government Schools

Abhijit Ray, Kolkata:The state administration will not impose any decision on blue-white uniform in schools. Education Minister Bratya Basu announced this decision on behalf of the state government on Wednesday. He said that it was decided to provide school uniform free of charge to the students of all government, government-aided and government-aided schools in the state.All uniforms were supposed to be blue and white. But many schools have objected to scrapping their old uniforms and adopting official blue-and-white uniforms. Complaints were coming from several places about this. On that day, the Education Minister informed that the state government has no objection if any school wants to maintain their old uniform and distinctiveness. The state government does not want to impose this uniform on anyone. The Minister of Education clarified that in the announcement of this day.In the meantime, the work of delivering new uniforms to schools has started as per the government instructions. Many political parties opposed to Bengal started playing dirty politics. But Education Minister Bratya Basu made it clear that the state government is generous in these cases. Bengal is the only state where the government provides free school-clothes, school-bags, shoes and bicycles to students every year. Which is undoubtedly a precedent.