Southeast Division Police launched Unique project to set up libraries at every police stations

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

Taking the police public relationship to another level,the Southeast Division police launched project to set up libraries at every police station.

To begin with,DCP,Southeast Division,CK Baba,on Thursday launched the project from Hulimavu station inviting a group of people for the program renowned Kannada filmmaker Girish Kasaravalli, cut the ribbon to inaugurate the library.

We are planing to set up Library and reading kiosks at every station and also a library at the DCP office premises.

The project has been rolled with the help of public and to clear the apprehension they have towards police,Mr.Baba,said .

As many as 840 books have been donated by the people who participated including members of Siddaganga Institute of Technology alumni and others residing in the area.

The library is with the idea of by the police for the people and to the people,a senior police officer who present at the program,said .

The idea for the people who visit this library is to convery that the police station is their friendly neighborhood where they can approach for help without any fear and apprehension.

Its general tendency that people who notice the books lying around,would like to pick it up and glance for few minutes.The idea is to reintroduce them to read books, Mr.Baba,added.

The second main reason for the project is gateway to the knowledge building through books .

Those who are visiting the station for routine work can utilize their waiting period by accessing to the books .

In addition to this it is a de-stressing exercise for the staff who can read and relax and to develop a good habit and improve vocabulary .

This would also promote and give a feel of books to the people visiting the station as e present digitization and virtual world has pushed the reading habit to backseat .

The idea is also an extension of hello neighbor launched few years ago,helps the beat police to develop a rapport with the people coming under his jurisdiction.

I always carry a book with me.Often when I’ve to wait at an office or crisscross across the city,I find a book to be the best companion.Time flies when I am reading.

There are smart devices and mobiles,but a book is still best for reading. It is also something that can be shared and used by many people,like a newspaper,magazine or a book.

Someone else too can pick it up and read.This gave birth to the idea of a Waiting Library in the police station itself.

The library can bridge the gap between people and police because every neighbourhood has a police station which will then house a library too.

Besides,while you are waiting to be attended, you can read. For our staff also it will be a place for a quick de-stressor in the midst of hectic work.

On a personal level,I will be happy if in the process I can remind them of the love of reading books”,CK Baba, said.