8 months.. Rs.500 crores

-Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

Banks raided with fake documents in the city
today, Hyderabad

* Rs. 4 crores.. 9 crores.. 94 crores.. 200 crores. Two directors of a company obtained a loan of Rs. 4 crore from a private bank in Secunderabad’s MG Road with the forged signature of a woman. The forensic report also confirmed that her signature was forged.

* A leading private bank manager of the city withdrew Rs. 1.61 crores from his own bank. He recorded in the records that the members of the savings societies got loans by pledging gold jewelery and transferred Rs.20-25 lakhs in the name of each of them to his parents’ bank accounts. He invested in the share market. In the bank’s auditing, the house thief’s treasure was revealed. The police registered a case and arrested the accused.

They don’t own much property.. They don’t do business.. They don’t run industries. Without this, they take loans in crores of rupees as if everything is there. Banks are being flooded. They buy properties in benami names with the money they get. Stocks are kept with the intention of making easy money. Paying installments on time, they are careful not to get suspicious of the bankers. Finally, the arrears are accumulating and they are getting stuck. 17 cases of defrauding banks have been registered in the CCS police station of the city in a period of 8 months. During the investigation, the police found that about Rs.500 crores were stolen from the banks under the guise of loans.

Can’t check..
Can’t sense Middle class families own houses.. Children’s higher education.. Banks impose challenging restrictions for personal loans. After many checks are completed, most of them conclude that they cannot give a loan with some kind of credit. But there are allegations that loans are granted within days of application for business activities, industrial management etc. They are giving fake documents with forged signatures as if they have lands, valuable places and residential buildings for bank guarantee. A police officer said that fraudsters are being careful by showing commission to the bank staff/officials who are to be inspected at the field level. In the police investigations, it is often revealed that the house robbers are involved.