Three-year-old child raped in school bus by driver in female security guards presence – most shameful incident of Bhopal

Abhijit Ray, Kolkata:A three-and-a-half-year-old child was raped inside a school bus in Bhopal, BJP state of Madhya Pradesh by the bus driver. However, there was a woman security guard in the bus at the time of the incident. The lady  was allegedly sitting as a silent spectator during the incident. The police arrested the two accused in this hellish incident after the commotion started over the allegations.According to Bhopal police, this incident happened last Thursday. It is alleged that the rape incident took place inside the school bus on the way back from school that day. The child’s mother said she found her daughter’s dress changed after returning from school. Removed from school uniform and put on extra clothes kept in bag.But the girl did not want to say anything about changing clothes. Later he became suspicious when he started having pain in his private parts. He can find out everything by asking her when she sees her daughter falling ill. The child was suffering from severe panic.The victim’s parents filed a complaint with the police on Tuesday. The police feel that the delay in reporting the complaint may lead to problems in the physical examination. It will benefit the accused. However, the child identified the accused bus driver and the female security guard after seeing the picture. Bhopal police arrested two accused on this day.In 2018, a three-year-old student was raped in a similar manner in a school bus in Bhopal. About which there was a lot of noise at that time. Again, the BJP administration of the state has come under question about child protection and law and order situation in similar incidents.