interstate currency counterfeiting team,HBT and chain-snatching accused arrested by JP Nagar police,Recovered Rs.3.19 lakh of counterfeit notes and 46gms of gold ornaments

Pramesh S Jain & Dr B Thomas (Special Correspondent)

T he JP Nagar police have arrested duo and busted inter-state currency counterfeiting team wanted in more than 20 cases involved in chain snatching cases recovered Rs.31.9 lakhs worth of counterfeiting currency notes and 46 grams of stolen gold ornaments from them.

The accused has been identified as,Pradeep AS,38 and his associate Sanal Nagalan

Senior officer told reporters While investigating a theft case in JP Nagar reported on August 19,the JP Nagar Nagar police arrested two persons from Kerala who are not only involved in over 20 chain snatching cases in and around the city but also running fake currency racket during their free time.

The accused Pradeep AS, 38 and his associate Sanal Nagalan,34,from Aleppi town and residing in a rented house in Basavapura for the last one year.

The accused would move around and rob gold valuables from women moving alone.The accused also commit house breaks .

Based on a complaint by Shanthi Siddaraju, a 43-year-old home maker from JP Nagar who lost her gold chain kept in the table near a open window, the police track down the accused through CCTV and technical details .

When the police raided the house to their shock they found 3.1 lakh worth face currency of different denominations .

The accused would melt the stolen gold and pawn at different finance firms,P Krishnakant, DCP, south division,said .

Finally Bengaluru Police Commissioner C H Pratap Reddy has appreciated whole team for the exemplary and meticulous investigation done by the team a suitable reward will be given to whole team he added.