Police couple creates high drama at late night in Chamarajpet booked for driving drunk

Pramesh S Jain & Dr B Thomas (Special Correspondent)



olice Inspector attached to City Armed Reserve and his wife have been booked for driving drunk and also creating ruckus after a minor accident in Chamarajepet on Saturday night.

The duo identified as Sanjay and Usha set out for a joy ride in a car after dinner.Ms.Usha was driving the car against one way when the car collided with another car.

Heated arguments ensued and the duo in the middle of the road at around 11 pm created ruckus.The cottonpet police Inspector,Praveen Koppad with other staff rushed to the spot and subjected the duo for test and confirmed they are under the influence of alcohol .

The duo was booked for drunken driving and the car was seized .

Meanwhile the damaged car owner has filed a complaint with the Chamarajapet police against the couple for creating ruckus and assaulting them.

Ms.Usha also filed a complaint against the car driver and his friends for driving rashly and creating ruckus in the late night .