Motorists taking shelter from rain in underpasses & under bridges to be fined: BTP

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

Bengaluru Traffic Police warns motorists and appeals not to seek shelter at the underpass when it rains as it is risky and instructed officials to penalise Rs.500 for first time offenders and Rs.1000 for second time offense.

Traffic police cracked whip on two wheeler riders who stop under bridges abruptly during rain causing traffic disruption..

It has come to the notice that many two wheeler riders take shelter under the bridge endangering lives of other motorists.

Joint commissioner of police, traffic, BR Ravikanthe Gowda, told reporters adding that the traffic police have been instructed to take penal action against such motorists..

The police have already launched drive and booked three cases against such bikers.

In the last four months,there have been four accidents in underpasses.Accidents have taken place in East and Central Bengaluru,in Windsor Manor underpass and Shivananda Circle underpass among others.

Generally, the underpasses will be dark and during rains,the visibility will be very low,which will result in accidents.

We understand that people take shelter there because of the rain.But we request them,it is not a problem if you park near some shops and seek shelter during the rains.

But please do not park in underpasses as it is very risky,”said that fines will be collected by the traffic police officers from offenders.