West Bengal Health administration is worried about the dengue situation in five districts

Abhijit Ray, Kolkata:Corona situation is currently under control. However, the dengue situation in the state is raising new concerns. Statistics say that till August 17, 4184 people are infected with dengue in the state. Among them, 535 people were infected from 11 to 17 August. From 3 to 10 August this number was 548. In this situation, on the instructions of Nabanna, the health department is holding a high-level meeting on Saturday about dengue, specifically warning five districts. Under the leadership of Health Secretary Narayanswaroop Nigam.The Health Department has already held regular meetings with the Urban Development Department. The Chief Secretary himself has repeatedly informed the District Magistrates and CMOHs that all steps should be taken to deal with dengue as per the standard protocol. He also ordered to remove the accumulated water within seven days. In this situation, Health Secretary Nigam is meeting again on the instructions of Navanna.It is learned that hospitals and medical colleges will be specially warned about the treatment of patients. All measures will be taken to avoid death. Along with this, the message will be given to emphasize on increasing the number of tests. According to Navanna sources, five districts have been specifically identified where the number of dengue cases is highest. CMH and District Magistrates of all districts have been asked to attend the meeting.Nigam will lead this meeting. Navanna worried about Howrah and Kolkata. Data on dengue infections for two consecutive weeks is alarming. According to Nabanna sources, the number of dengue cases has increased compared to 2020 and 2021, which worries Nabanna. The chief secretary himself ordered special dengue operations in the area every day. He asked to increase guppy fish farming to kill mosquitoes.