No Pilot Car for West Bengal Ministers&to be extra careful while signing papers-Mamta Banerjee orders

Abhijit Ray, Kolkata:

In the state cabinet meeting, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee directed to her cabinet ministers that no one should use pilot car with red beacon. Even if it comes from any  district to city of Calcutta, they should try to avoid using the pilot car. Exception can be tolerated in case if the minister is travelling through highway. CM also advised all the ministers to be always extreme careful while signing any official document.It is known that this order will be effective from immediate effect. The directives seem to be related with the recent arrest of two heavyweights of her party.  The newly elected state Ministers were also present in this first state cabinet meeting after the recent reshuffle. The Chief Minister has given a message to her cabinet Ministers to be careful. She gave this message especially to the new Ministers. She told, every file should be read well, understood, and signed.

She also told that all the ministers of state will be delegated with specific  task lists as they are not having much work to perform as on date.

The Chief Minister herself never uses pilot car. According to her, if leaders and ministers get VIP treatment, the distance with the public increases. This time, Mamata ordered the rest of the cabinet ministers to follow the same path and has  ordered not to use the pilot car. Minister Chandrima Bhattacharya said in a press conference after the Cabinet meeting that the industry is expanding in Bengal under the leadership of the Chief Minister. There will be 18 industrial units and 5 industrial parks. 600 crore rupees are being invested. 4000 jobs will be created. She told  that the government is able to provide services to 9.25 crore people with the help of 21 thousand ration dealers. This work has been made possible with the help of ration dealers. In the Duar ration scheme, ration dealers were paid a commission of Rs 75 per quintal. It has been decided to pay 5000 rupees every month from now.