We should standardise the disaster management system;CM Bommai

Dr B Thomas (Special correspondent)

We should standardise the disaster management system to reduce the impact of the disasters on human lives,Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said.

The Chief Minister was speaking after inaugurating the National Workshop on ‘Launching/Training of MIS and Mobile App for Upscaling Aapda Mitra Scheme’.

The state has seen many disasters over the years.For the last 10 years the state has seen floods almost every alternate year.

We have the experience of dealing with it.What we need is standardisation of the disaster management system,Bommai said.

Create such a system so that you need not ask anyone and you should start your operations without waiting for instructions from the top.We have to be prepared for it,Bommai said.

People’s participation

It is not possible to prevent natural disasters,but we need to have effective measures before and after the disasters.

As Prime Minister Modi has said, not just responding,we also need to take responsibility in dealing with it.

It is with this intention that the Aapda Mitra App has been launched.We should have people’s participation,that is what Democracy is all about.

Citizens of the country should join hands in managing the disasters too.It is a good beginning to train about one lakh volunteers.The disaster management tasks would become a little easier with such teams of volunteers,Bommai said.

Instructions have been issued to form more NDRF teams.The Prime Minister has appreciated Karnataka’s initiative on community participation in disaster management.

We should use uniform codes in disaster hit areas for speedy and effective relief works, Bommai said.

Climate change is not the only cause for disasters.Many disasters are man made. We need to change our lifestyle to prevent disasters. We should be better prepared to face them, Bommai said.

We have the equipment, government, grants and the personnel.But disasters may come in any form like fire,floods,earthquakes,but we should be prepared.That is what disaster management is,he said.