Golden Jubilee of Directorate Of Forensic Science laboratories Bengaluru,Karnataka with a unique initiative Two-days All India National Conference on”Emerging Trends in Forensic Science”inaugrated by CM,HD Kumaraswamy,HM,M.B.Patil,DG&IGP, Neelmani N Raju,at Nimhans Bengaluru

“New innovations to tackle new-age crimes”.
The conference was organised by the police department and is the first national conference on forensic science held in Karnataka.The Department of FSL has come a long way since its inception in 1967.It rank sixth best FSL in India.
The souvenir and also postal stamps and covers of FSL, were released at the event Changing nature of crimes and innovative.
The All India National conference, marking a Golden Jubilee of Directorate of Forensic Science laboratory Karnataka of Bengaluru with the help of Karnataka Government has organized a two days national level conference to discuss on,‘Emerging trends in forensic science’, was innaugrated by,H.D.Kumaraswamy,Chief Minister of karnataka state,M.B.Patil,Home Minister of Karnataka state,along with Smt.Neelmani.N.Raju,DG&IGP of Karnataka state,Dr.S.K.Jain,Director-Cum Chief Forensic Scientist,Ministry of Home Affairs,Government of India,M.N.Reddi,DGP,Chief of Fire Force and Emergency services,Home Guard,Civil Defence and SDRF,Dr.M.A.Saleem,ADGP,Crime and Technical Services,Praveen Sood,DGP CID,Arvind Verma,Post Master General,Smt.Isha Pant,Directorate Forensic laboratories Karnataka,Vishwanath.G.Nayak,Deputy Director Of Forensic Lab Bengaluru was present at the Dias,and with other officers as,N.S.Megharikh,Kamal Pant,A.M.Prasad,B.Dayanand,Amar Pandey,T.Suneel Kumar,B.K.Singh,Seemanth Kumar Singh,P.Harishekaran,Alok Kumar,K.Annamalai,Dr.Soumyalatha,With other officers and staff were present on the occasion of innaugral of unique National Level two days conference held at Nimhans Auditorium in Bengaluru as part of the Golden Jubilee celebrations of the Directorate of Forensic Science Laboratories in Karnataka, which was set up in 1967.
Over 600 delegates, including forensic scientists, judiciary, investigating officers and students, from all over the country has participated in the conference.
Dr.M.A.Saleem,ADGP,Crime and Technical services of Karnataka state gave a brief introduction about the Forensic science is an application of science and application of justice .It plays an important role in and substantive part during the investigation of criminal cases and consequences of offenders today examination of Vital proofs and physical evidences.Karnataka directorate of Forensic Science laboratory was established in the year 1968 and has completed 50 Glorious years all these years Karnataka forensic laboratory has made a important contribution to the operation of criminal justice system,establishment of physical evidences has helped to bring the based on the time the real fact. It is indeed a great honour for the state police he added.
Smt.Neelmani.N.Raju,DG&IGP of karnataka state addressing the gathering after innaugrating the two days national conference on Emerging trends in Forensic Science she said,She welcomed all the FSL community who have come from all over India our friends colleagues ladies and gentlemen. Today it’s a very proud moment for us and proud moment for me also to have this innaugral address for this conference.As we all know the essential object of criminal law to protect society against criminals and law breakers and to protect law abiding citizens.For this purpose the law holds out threats of punishment for their prospective law breakers as well as attempts to make the actual offenders suffer the prescribed consequences for their crime and hence the punishment.Therefore criminal law in its wider sense consist of both the substantive criminal law and the procedural or adjective criminal law.Substantive criminal law defines offences and prescribes punishment for the same,while the procedure law administers the substantive law. To meet the natural justice the erring person is subjected to prosecution in the established procedure in the court of law where evidence of guilt to be proved beyond doubt.It is at this juncture the Forensic science played an very important role.Forensic science is an application of science in the administration of justice it plays an Indespensable part during the investigation of criminal cases and prosecution of offenders through examination of vital clues and physical evidence based on scientifically proven facts.The law enforcement agencies are facing an uphill task in securing conviction of suspects in view of the ever innovative  Modus Operandi being adopted by the modern day criminals.Forensic science helped to them to face this challenge in modernising it constantly.Realizing the importance of Forensic Science in the investigation of criminal cases government of karnataka (then government of Mysore) actually had established a forensic science laboratory at Bangalore way back in 1953 four years later Karnataka Forensic science laboratory came into existence on 01-8-1967 to fulfill the needs of criminal justice system.During the last 50 years,the Karnataka Forensic Science laboratory has seen several milestones during its progress to become an institution of reckoning.
Some of the developments can be chronologically listed below.
In 1963 as I said the government of Mysore issued a G.O to start Forensic science laboratory in Karnataka.
in 1967 Forensic science laboratory has started it first step with five sections.
in 1969 the laboratory started mobile Forensic van named Darshaka and included forensic science photography section.
In 1970 modern equipments was procured and additional 23 post of scientists were created.
In 1972 Toxicology  and research section were added to the forensic fraternity.
In 1992 forensic laboratory moved to the present building with seven working sections.
In 1994 Regional Forensic Science laboratory Davangere was established.
In 1995 again Regional Forensic science laboratory mangalore it started working.
In 1999 Forensic psychology section was created.
In 2004 Regional Forensic Science laboratory Kalaburgi and Belagavi started functioning.
In 2006 regional forensic science laboratory Mysore was established.
In 2007 a pioneering DNA section started function in Bengaluru.
In 2015 Cyber Forensic section was established.
In 2016 Reorganization was done with additional 284 technical staff.
In 2017 Constructon of new state of art building commenced and we are going to that and very soon it will be ready.
The directorate of sttate Forensic Science laboratory has come a longway since 1967 in addressing many challenges and has given very timely and quality report for example.
One of the Air conditioner coaches of Bengaluru-Nanded train caught accidental fire near Ananthpur Andhra Pradesh in the year December 2013.27 people in that coach were charred to death and the bodies were beyond the recognition,all the bodies were bought to Victoria hospital for post morterm and after post morterm the samples were received by FSL Bengaluru along with blood samples of their relatives for DNA match the DNA test was conducted and all that of 27 dead bodies were positively identified in the span of less than 48 hours.There are few more   sensational cases of Karnataka in which our FSL officers have helped the investigating officer to obtain very vital clue and evidence against the culprits.For example Narco Analysis test were conducted on dreaded criminals like Kareem Lala Telgi and Abu Saleem by Psychology section of FSL Karnataka.In M. M.Kalaburgi and Gauri Lankesh murder cases our Forensic scientists have rendered their assistance to the investigation team to the successful completion of Gauri lankesh murder case.In Bangalore serial blast in the year 2008,Malleshwaram blast in the year 2012,Church street blast in 2015 etc.FSL Karnataka has played an important role in analysis of physical articles which has served as important evidence in the court. In recent time there has been phenomenal increase in cases referred to the Directorate of Forensic laboratory for examination and expert opinion starting from about more than 13,000 samples in we are handling more than 19,000 samples every year and we are also trying to eliminate the pendency of such exhibits.Like any other progressive state, Government of karnataka has shown a very keen interest in developing the facilities in the State and its Regional Forensic science laboratory some of the important initiative that the government of karnataka has taken are,Karnataka government has additionally sanctioned 284 technical and 25 ministerial staff in July 2015. Recruitment process is already underway new cadre and recruitment has came into existence to improve professional growth of scientific officer several new sections are being opened in the State Forensic Science laboratory and Regional Forensic Science laboratories to reduce the pendency of the fake cases as for the new cadre and recruitment rules in the state affairs the new sections which are opened are Narcotic section,computer forensic,Mobile forensics and audio-visual forensic,in the Regional Forensic Science laboratory in Mangalore we are opening Chemistry section,fire arms section,Questioned document section,and Forensic Psychology section in Regional forensic science laboratory Mysore,Kalburagi,Belagavi and Davangere they are opening Chemistry section,questioned document section,and forensic Psychology section.The establishment of new Karnataka forensic science and technologies centre is part of bigger expansion plan of state government to provide quality,timely and credible forensic services in the State which are equal to the best in the county.This expansion program has taken up by the Government of karnataka earmarking Rs.30 Crore in the state budget Rs.12 Crore has been already released and work in our Forensic science Directorate the old obsolete instrument have given way to the state of art enquipments which have made the lab one of the best equipped forensic lab in the country.These equipments which have been purchased under modernization grants, have improved the quality of analysis and also have made analysis more scientific and less prone to human errors.The Government is Alive to the importance having a well equipped forensic lab hence each year a sizable amount is allocated to the lab for its advancement.The year 2017-2018 was especially significant for the laboratory as an amount of around 32 Crores was released for the the purchasing of new equipments this includes almost 20 crores for establishing district cyber forensic aid unit in all the districts of Karnataka.As the number of Cyber Crimes is increasing the world over these centres are a step towards bring better prepared and dealing with such challenges head on.They will give the much needed technological fillip to the process of Investigation of cyber related crimes.Further an additional amount of Rs.5 Crore has been released by the Government of karnataka for an establishment of additional cyber forensic lab.As a result best available instruments in this field of cyber forensic are being purchased which will bring the karnataka cyber lab at par with the best cyber lab in the this 2018 year alone latest equipments worth Rs.15 Crore has been purchased.The cyber section of FSL was notified as Electronic Evidence Examiner under section 79 (A) of IT Act in September 2018,by the Ministry of Electronic and Information Technology of Government of India.This makes it one of the six forensic science lab of the country to be notified. This notification has given greater credence to their evidences of our cyber experts in the court of law. Directorate of Forensic Science Laboratory has become a beacon of advancement in Forensic Science in this last fifty years with several achievements under its belt and the constant support of a very belonial Government machinery it is only destined to grow further by leaps and bounds she added.
MB Patil,Home Minister of Karnataka, addressing the delegates said,Golden Jubilee celebrations of the Directorate Forensic science laboratory Bengaluru karnataka.At the national conference on Emerging Trends on Forensic science which is held today and tomorrow Honorable Chief Minister of Karnataka,HD Kumarswamy,DG&IGP of Karnataka state,Smt.Neelamani N Raju,ADGP Crime and technical services,M.A.Saleem,Director of Forensic Science laboratory Karnataka,Smt.Isha Pant,Members of the Judiciary and prosecution,Senior Police officers,Directors of various state and central forensic laboratories,Forensic Scientists,students,and friends from media.Firstly I like to congratulate the staffs of the Directorate of Forensic Science laboratory Karnataka on their Golden Jubilee celebrations,Golden jubilee is a major Milestone in the journey of any organization it means the organisation has accumulated knowledge and experience worth fifty long years that it added me wide years with new technologies and new dimensions for the betterment of the nation and its people.We must value its legacy that we have created and continue to work towards the achievement of new heights in the field of Science and technology.Forensic Science laboratories plays a vital role in a criminal justice system by providing scientifically based information to the analysis of physical evidence.The identity of the culprit through personal skills like fingerprints,footprints,blood drops or hair. It links the criminal with the crime to the objects that by at the scene and with the victim of carrying from the scene of victim on the other hand if the clues report do not link with the accused with the victim of the scene of the occurrence the emotions of the accused is established.Forensic science thus also saves the innocents after the emergence of DNA technology as a latest method of Forensic Science that provides tremendous amount of a information to the investigating officers that enable him to find the criminal purely in evidence which he has left at the scene of crime.The application of science and technology to the detection and in the investigation of crime and administration of justice is not new to India although of course our ancestors did not know Forensic Science in the present form scientific methods in one way or the other seem to have been followed in the investigation of crime.Its detailed reference has been found in the come together Arthashastra which was written about 2300 years ago Indian studied various patterns thousands of years ago.It is presumed that they knew about the persistence and invisibility of fingerprints which they used as signatures.A study of old Chinese records reveals the use of fingerprints in Ancient Kingdom of southern India.The Indians new for long that the handprints were inevitable the use of fingerprints as signatures by illitrates people in India introduce centuries ago was considered by some people as ceremonial only.In the year 1963 the idea of having a dedicated lab Forensic Science analysis in the state of Karnataka which finally led to the establishment of State Forensic Science laboratory in 1967.But even before the establishment of this lab a scientific lab already exists in the criminal investigation department (CID),Which has questioned documents Baliolistic and photography sections.Thus the use of Scientific evidences has been a part of criminal administration in the state.Karnataka FSL has the unique description of the only laboratory in the country which uses digital platform right to from the registration of cases to the preparation of reports in the year 2006.This makes it working more transparent and it results in international level practices.It is important for scientific laboratories to keep updating themselves for this latest technologies.In the last few decades the inclusion of technologies the crime investigation has been a major breakthrough in the process of advancement of criminal justice. Police utilize scientific tools and techniques to detect a crime that considered at the crime scene to identify the alleged offender and establish vital links.The courts on the other take account of the physical evidences.Government of Karnataka is alive to the needs of modern Forensic labs and for this the Government has continuously supported the infrastructure and technological upgradation for the Forensic science laboratory in the state.Karnataka FSL has helped to solve many sensational cases of National and state importance it has proved to be the backbone of the investigation agencies with the increase in the number of cases and change in the Modus Operandi of criminals.It is more important that to ensure that faster disposal of cases with accuracy and transparency.I urge all the scientists present here to work towards this and collectively raise the level of Forensic Science to the height in the county.This conference has endevered to not only come and commurate the achievement of the task but also to reach the best minds in the Forensic today to set the agenda for the future.I will look forward to the thoughts and conclusion that will emerge of this conference and I am sure that will guide our policy towards establishing a smart and modern investigation machinery.Without any doubts one can say that Forensic will provide the arms that will help in Modernising policing an investigation I call up on the best minds of the Forensic science today to make this conference a watershed event in the history of policing of our nation my best wishes to every delegates present here he added.
HD Kumaraswamy,Chief Minister of karnataka said,Members of the Judiciary and prosecution,Directors of various state Forensic Science laboratories,Forensic Scientists,students,delegates present in the conference members of the media distinguish ladies and gentlemen,It gives me immense pleasure to be addressing this gathering on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee celebrations of the Forensic science laboratory of Karnataka. It is the first time the national level Forensic Science conference has been organised by the state.I extend my felicitation to one and all involved in organizing this Forensic Science is one of the most upcoming fields of science today.The importance of this field is ever increasing this because it is an important link in the chain of criminal justice system.The role of Forensic Science has been well documented in court judgements throughout the world.Advances in Forensic has given unprecedented to the investigator to solve criminal cases it has made strong arm of the law even stronger.If DNA Fingerprinting has given us the identity of the that to unknown criminals then Cyber Forensic has helped us see the faces of the criminal who hides behind the screen of the electronic devices with the nature of the crime changing it is Forensic scientist who help the investigator crack tuff cases.The advancement in the era of Forensic have taken investigation of crime history of whole new dimension conviction are happening faster with phone through scientific evidences given by the Forensic lab providing justice to the citizens of citizens is the corner stone of the any civilised society in helping to ensure this Forensic scientist play a crucial role in creating a peaceful society.We have a host of new technologies coming almost on a daily basis it takes little time for a new technology to be replaced by a newer technology this largely because Forensic Science is now no longer depend on individual scientist for its progress now we are well equipped laboratories with qualified scientists who worked in tandem to ensure the growth of this field.Forensic Science Laboratory of Karnataka is one such lab which has many achievements under its belt.Government of Karnataka is determined to provide best possible support to the Forensic lab of the state.Karnataka Government has given massive funds to lab to upgrade its infrastructure and technology and also reorganized the lab in keeping with the current requirements.In the future too we will continue to provide the support to our scientists and ensure the growth of certain technology.To all the scientists present here I would like to say that never stop researching and innovating these are the corner stones of the any healthy and crime laboratory only if we keep innovating can be relevant in the today’s world. We know how criminals are quick at adopting new technologies and methods of committing crime also in the increase in crime the work of Forensic Scientists has increased manpower to face these challenges scientist need to come up with methods that gives results quickly and operately.Rapid DNA which analysis DNA samples quickly is one of such innovations.Similarly using TeleForensic to get expert help from a remote location is another useful way to increase the reach of Forensics.Further considering the nature of the job it is important to maintain transparency in the analysis done.Forensic reports are taken at their face value in the courts of law.Therefore the procedure of analysis should be highly transparent with strict chain of custody maintained and documented.In order to achieve this what is needed is to evolve our process we need to manage our laboratories professionally.Today there are softwares such as laboratory information management of software that manage track and report laboratory data among other things. Incorporating such process in our labs will make them more credible and less prone to human errors.Any laboratory as good as the scientist working is their therefore when it is important to upgrade the technology it is equally important to upgrade the skills of the scientists to a regular training.Moreoften then not training is neglected in most of the institutions.Once the scientist join they learn on the job and rarely go by training outside regular trainings will not only help in improving their skills but also expose them to advancement in Forensic Science.Which they can use in their own labs.Knowledge sharing by collaborating with other scientific organization also has to be encouraged we can no longer work in kilos to grow we need to learn from each other.Ancient traveller has well documented the highly accomplition scientist and Mathematicians of the country in their books.These where the people who are curious and were determined to solve the mystries of the world we need to get inspiration from them have come to understand that undermining the importance of growing science of Forensic some of our educational institution are offering the course of study of Forensic Sciences which is welcome gesture this would definitely on our younger generation with more knowledge and their talent could be successfully.The challenges and scope of achieving excellence are very are very rafts in this new passion of emerging science.I would like to call up on the scientist gathered we have to impart the knowledge to the young minds who are either to follow a carrier in Forensic Science.We have best minds of the world in this country the need is to give enough stimulate to this minds to let them flourish.Albert Einsten once said “To raise new questions new possibilities to record old problems from new angle angel requires creative imagination and that marks real advance in science.I exampt you all to never stop questioning and reasoning and let the fame of curiosity be always burning inside you”.I undersly aspire that this conference will make a step forward in the growth of Forensic Science in the country I wish you all the very best he said to all the scientists and delegates present at the conference he added.
Smt.Isha Pant,Directorate,Forensic Science Laboratories Karnataka,addressing the delegates said that,The Directorate of Forensic Science laboratories (DFSL),Karnataka is one of the oldest forensic science laboratories in the country established in August 1967.The Story of FSL,Karnataka is long and Intersting one,FSL Karnataka is celebrating its Golden Jubilee this year. In the course of last five decades,patterns,of crimes have changed substantially which in turn requires upgradation of technology aiding the investigations scientifically.The new emerging areas of crimes in the field of economic offences,Digital/Cyber crime abuse of Narcotic drugs and Trafficking,Sexual assaults and offences against women and children are increasing in spite of POCSO Act existing etc.Karnataka is cattering the needs of not only the police department but also receives the cases from the departments of forest, railways,excise etc.and CBI,NIA and other central government agencies cases referred by Hon’ble courts and some cases from other states as well.This conference aims at providing a platform to the delegates to exchange their ideas and to establish research interface and novel methods of analysis of forensic samples.The importance of Forensic Science has been well documented in the court judgements throughout the world.Advances in forensics have given an unprecedented ability to solve cases it has made the strong arm of the law even stronger.With the nature of crimes changing it is forensic scientist who help the investigators crack tough cases a la Sherlock Holmes.They work diligently many times under biohazardous conditions,to link the various pieces of the crime puzzle together and give irrefutable scientific proofs.The forensic science of the state of Karnataka have similarly helped in solving many cases of state and national importance.As we celebrate our Golden Jubilee we vow to constantly strive towards our mission to pursue professional excellence in forensic science and to render quality service with highest level of integrity she added.