Mechanic stabbed to death over illicit affair,accused arrested by Shivajinagar police

Dr B Thomas (Special correspondent)




he Shivajinagar police have arrested a man for stabbing a 25-year-old AC mechanic to death over a row over illicit affair on Saturday.

The accused has been identified as,Jeeshan.

Senior officer told reporters,The deceased Jawad Khan was having an affair with the wife of Jeeshan.

During investigation it was found that Jeeshan had even complained to the police and warned Jawad Khan many time before .

Even tough during the counseling in the station Jawad Khan promised to stay away,Jeeshan caught him red handed at the house on Saturday .

Heated argument ensued following which Jawad Khan pulled out a knife he was carrying and tried to attack Jeeshan.

In retaliation Jeeshan overpowered snatched the knife and stabbed him at his neck.

The profusely bleeding Jawad managed to run away and got himself admitted to a private hospital where he succumbed later due to excessive bleeding.

Based on the complaint,the Shivajinagar police tracked down Jeeshan who was on the run and arrested him.