Touts galore at VISA centre at Gopalan Mall ,intimidate applicants

Martin Menachery (Special Correspondent)

In the bustling corridors of Gopalan Mall,where dreams of US travel intertwine with the mundane routines of daily life,a sinister alliance thrives in the shadows.

It’s a tale of exploitation,manipulation,and the abuse of trust.

When our correspondent went to Gopalan Mall met an
IT professional,who went to apply for Visa and was waiting eagerly for her turn at the VFS Global Visa application center nestled within the mall.

Excited about her upcoming trip,she navigates through the throngs of people,her anticipation overshadowed by a sense of unease.

Our correspondent after getting all information about the touts how they are exploiting we conducted a sting operation and we noticed.As they approaches the entrance,she’s accosted by a group of touts lurking nearby.Their presence is menacing,their intentions clear.

They offer ‘assistance’with the visa process,promising expedited service and guaranteed approvals for a hefty fee.
It is said that,The touts block the dates and challenge the applicants that they will not get the dates for appointment at any cost.

The touts ask them to go through them and pay the required fee to get the dates and work done smoothly.

This is being done with the unholy nexus with the officials to block the dates to online so that the applicants should not be able to online to get the dates .

His gut tells her to steer clear,but the persistent voices and the fear of bureaucratic hurdles cloud her judgment.

The touts take the application papers and went inside the office jumping the queue and offer to get the work done without much hassel in return of the service charge ranging from Rs.15,000 to Rs.20,000.,

The touts have not only easy access and intimidate and threaten the applicants that they will not allow their visa process .

Reluctantly,Maya relents,handing over her documents and a substantial sum of money to the touts.Little does she know;this is just the beginning of her ordeal.

Inside the VFS Global center,the applicant met with indifferent stares from the staff.

These seemingly impartial individuals are complicit in the nefarious dealings outside.A clandestine network of kickbacks and collusion fuels their cooperation with the touts,turning a blind eye to their predatory tactics in exchange for financial gain.

Though theVFS staff denied having any touts activites at the centre but the activities continue to unabated .

His application is mishandled,delayed,and ultimately rejected,despite the promises made by the touts.

Desperate and disillusioned,she confronts the VFS staff,only to be met with empty apologies and feigned ignorance.

The applicant also clandestibely recorded the activitites of the touts and planning to escalate the matter and report the same to the higher authorities .

But the officials refuses to be another victim of this unholy nexus.Armed with determination and a resolve to seek justice,the visitors reaches out to the authorities,exposing the intricate web of corruption and deceit woven within the walls of Gopalan Mall.

Through her courage and perseverance,Maya becomes a beacon of hope for others ensnared in the snares of exploitation.

The touts’ reign of terror is brought to an end,and the VFS Global center undergoes a thorough investigation, purging itself of the stain of corruption.

As for applicant,though her journey may have been fraught with challenges,she emerges stronger and wiser,a testament to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

This is the racket being run by the touts and dominating the VFS office illegally.

I request the authorities concerned to investigate and take necessary action to end this menace.