People want roads and water

-Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana(Andhra Pradesh)


Depressing when going to Gadapa Gadapa

Requests of MLAs at CM Jagan


Amravati: ‘Even when people go to Gadapa Gadapa, they are asking for fresh water, roads, dirty canals and roads to farms,’ several MLAs told Chief Minister Jagan. The MLAs shared their experiences at a workshop organized by the Chief Minister on Wednesday. The funds to be given to the MLAs should be at least Rs. At Rs 5 crore, many MLAs have asked the CM to complete any work in the constituencies with Rs 10 crore next year. Did the CM give it? The funds are with the collectors and you can give them letters regarding the works and utilize them. ‘ However, when the MLAs said again that the funds had not arrived .. ‘The CM looked at the CMO officer. The officer replied, ‘Give it to the GEO and we will issue it within the next week.’ ‘No one should be left without schemes. At the same time, the schemes are not available to the ineligible. According to credible information, the views expressed by several MLAs are as follows.

‘There are power cuts. Farmers say that the power department is not giving the material in time as the bores are being fried. There is also the problem of sand. Increase the number of sand depots’

– MLA Mahidharreddy (Kandukur) 

CM: ‘Power cuts were high during the TDP regime. Very little now. It costs an additional Rs 40 crore a day to buy coal. Troubled cuts are reduced. We need to explain to the people how the cuts were during the Tedepa regime and how much we have reduced now.

‘Farmers are asking people to build roads to get to the fields for fresh water’

– Y. Balanagireddy (Ministry)

CM: Spend the Rs 2 crore given to you (MLA) and let’s see if more funds are needed.

‘Farmers are asking for paths to the farms, it would be better to put them with employment guarantee funds. They are also asking about the construction of dirty canals and roads’. 

– Saiprasad Reddy (Adoni)

CM: ‘They are saying that the employment funds have to come from the center, the file is moving … there is some work that can be done if that money comes. Ask the people, the farmers, which road to put in front of the priority, put them with the MLA funds that are being given to you, and let’s see if it is necessary .. It may not be possible to build 100 percent of the roads.

‘Homes purchased by non-tribals in tribal areas should not be deeded, this problem should be addressed’

– MLA Balaraju (Polavaram)

CM: See what is possible (order to officers)

‘Returns show that many people pay income tax on loans at the bank. Welfare schemes do not come because they are IT payers. ‘

– MLA Kolusu Parthasarathy (Penamaluru)

Discussion: After some discussion on this issue, it was proposed that those who have not filed such tax returns for four consecutive years should be recognized as eligible. The CM expressed his support for this.

Can’t give water share as asked by Telangana: After the Ambati
meeting, some ministers and MLAs answered various questions asked by reporters at the CM’s camp office. Minister Ambati Rambabu replied .. ” Telangana is asking for 50 per cent share in Krishna waters. It does not give. We will proceed according to the award. The construction of the Polavaram project will be completed in stages, not all at once. Will the police arrest me if TDP leader Devineni Uma makes a false complaint against me? Are we afraid of false complaints from people like Uma? ‘ Said.

Minister Jogi Ramesh commented that Vaikapa leaders would win 175 seats if they acted in line with Chief Minister Jagan’s ideas and no one would lose unless they were lazy.

‘Give MLAs a vision’

‘When YS Rajasekhara Reddy was the CM, he used to greet the MLAs through darshan. Now if you look like that, you will have the opportunity to meet 20 MLAs a day’

– MLA Name Nani (Machilipatnam)

CM: Now if you give time to four or five people each talking for more than half an hour, is that possible for 20 people? (I’m going to say that the visit to the door is two minutes, given the name).

All ten non-pass students are from the Pawan community

‘Janasena president Pawan Kalyan did not get ten passes, so now he thinks all those who did not get ten passes are his community. Did the ministers and Vaikapa MLAs file the answer sheets? Educated teachers are the only ones who have done it .. The government has acted strictly without being able to pass anywhere stealthily so the pass percentage may have come down .. ‘With whose adoption .. do surveys or services … how do those who have been promoted know what is happening in the field? Returning among the people will make sense to them. Not talking about AP while roaming in Delhi (indirectly criticizing BJP MP GVL Narasimha Rao) ‘

– Nani, the name of a former minister