CM Jagan: Chandrababu and his adopted son do not have that courage

-Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana( Andhra Pradesh)

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy (YS) has said that any politician will go ahead believing in the people, but his own son , Chandrababu Naidu (C handrababu naidu) , who claims to be a 40-year-old industry leader in politics, lost in Mangalagiri. Jagan Mohan Reddy) by Eddewa. He was speaking at a public meeting organized at Muramalla in East Godavari district on Friday as part of the YSSAR Fisheries Assurance Program. On this occasion, Jagan should not go to the media, including TDP chief Chandrababu. He criticized the government for not being able to see if it was doing well. The evil quartet expressed impatience with the harsh wording that God Himself would heal them.

32 schemes to help the poor

“A great man named Malladi Satya Lingan Nayakar was born in this area. He is also a fisherman. He could not study in those days. He began his life in seasickness and crossed the same sea to reach Burma. There he started life as a coolie and grew up to be extremely wealthy. Mamakar bought land here on his own land and set up a trust to make things better in the area. Through that trust we have been doing good to many thousands of poor people for almost 110 years. A good event is good for a lot of people. Such great people should be taken as inspiration. The government is taking steps to get even better out of it. No one should be bothered by poverty. The poor must be assured that we are there. It must be said that the government has done well. Otherwise the government would not be entitled to claim to have done well.

We are giving Rs 109 crore per year

” I heard about the problems of fishing families during the trek. I am here to support such families. That is why we are depositing Rs 109 crore directly in their accounts. No other government in the history of the country and in the history of the country has provided such great assistance. We will provide Rs 11,500 per month for four months to fishing families who lost their livelihood in 68 villages while drilling the ONGC pipeline. If such a situation had arisen during the last government tenure, they would at least have ignored it. We released those funds after our government came to power. Chandrababu gave only Rs 104 crore during his entire reign. Now we are giving Rs 109 crore a year. We are offering subsidized diesel to fishermen ”

No one has the courage to say they did well!

“Rs 40,000 crore has been provided to the poor through government schemes. Chandrababu did not have the courage to say that he had done good to the people. Even that adopted son did not have the courage to say ‘our Chandrababu did good’. 95% of the promises made during the election have been implemented. The MLAs and MPs you have won with honesty and commitment are coming to you. Seeing the government doing good and not being able to digest that evil quartet. Jealousy is emerging. If the health is not good, Arogyasree cures Jagan‌ but only God can cure jealousy and stomach ache. Exam papers are leaked by Weeley. Have you ever seen an opposition defending the person who leaked it? Have you ever seen the Opposition in the previous government being the Minister of Labor doing good to the employees and making money in the name of powders, snow, drugs and toothpaste in the ESI? Lies to son, Have you ever seen a father like Chandrababu training in Mosal? One is his own son who worked as a minister and lost in Mangalagiri. The other is his adopted son who competed in two places and did not win anywhere. The politician who claims to be a 40-year-old industry believes in such people. A politician trusts the people. But, have you ever seen a man who believes in his own son, the adopted son, without believing them? The vultures could not bear to see good happening in the Jagan government. What about such people? Are the traitors of the state Andama .. Are the traitors of the country Andama? A big man named Chandrababu, 27, has been the MLA for Kuppam. Never thought of building a house there. Today your Jagan‌ sees three years of administration and runs into a heap and tries to build a house. The people should notice the difference between the previous government and this government, “said Jagan