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Thousands of crores of rupees were stolen

The TRS has an open friendship with the BJP

KCR is a monarchy .. Congress has no alliance with TRS

If the leaders of the alliance are expelled ..those who want to go into those parties are fat

Tickets are for those who stand in the crowd .. Talent basis .. Let’s ignore seniority

The Congress will win the coming elections in the state .. Our assurance to the Warangal Declaration farmer

We will implement every aspect of it .. TRS has been given a chance twice

If there is only one chance, we will fulfill the dream of the people .. Rahul in ‘RaituSangharshanaSabha’



Sonia Gandhi has a dream behind giving Telangana. Telangana was given with the intention that the dream of the people here would be fulfilled  . That dream is Sonia, yours, mine too. I will embody it. Wherever I am needed, wherever I am called, wherever my support is needed .. I am always ready for that. This is not only the struggle of Telangana farmers and youth. Congress‌ Party. Mine too.

Rahul Gandhi

Former AICC president Rahul Gandhi has warned that there is no point in forgiving Chief Minister KCR for plundering Telangana’s resources to the tune of thousands of crores of rupees. He said that he would not leave the people of Telangana who had deceived them without fulfilling their dreams. KCR‌ flagged that the monarchy’s tendencies were not going to rule like a democratic chief minister and that he did not care about the voice of the people. On Friday, Rahul addressed a huge public meeting organized by the Telangana Congress under the name ‘RaituSangharshanaSabha’ on the grounds of Warangal Arts and Science College. KCR‌ was severely cracked down on the government. Rahul Gandhi alleged that the BJP government at the Center was not conducting any investigation with the CBI and EDI on the CM KCR robbery as there was a rift between the BJP and the TRS. At the same time he referred to the manner in which the central government departments were cracking down on other opposition-ruled states. On the occasion, Rahul made it clear that there would be no alliance between the TRS and the Congress in the future. He warned that leaders who talk about an alliance with the TRS will be expelled from the Congress party. It has been announced that the Congress will give tickets only to those who stand by the people in the coming Assembly elections. He assured that the Congress would win the coming elections and then the dreams of the people of Telangana would be fulfilled.


Knowing the loss to the party …!

On this occasion, Rahul recalled the difficulties faced by the Congress for the emergence of Telangana state. He said the state was not going to be formed so easily. The youth and mothers of Telangana shed their tears and blood for the emergence of their dream separate state, saying that this state was not formed for the benefit of one person. In these eight years since the formation of the state, has the dream of following the path of progress of Telangana been fulfilled? The answer is that people are not questioned.


He said that after the formation of the state, all the people of the state realized that only one family was benefited. Did you get any job opportunities after the formation of the new state? Asked. He pointed to the wives of farmers who had committed suicide and asked if they were responsible for their tears. He said that when the people of Telangana fought for the state, the Congress party stood firm and fought alongside them. In the end, the Congress party and Sonia Gandhi gave the state to the people. He said that he had given a new state to the people of Telangana knowing that the Congress had suffered immense loss due to the giving of the state. He commented that the people expected a friendly government to be formed after the formation of the new state and on the contrary an authoritarian government was formed. He criticized the current Telangana Chief Minister as an authoritarian king, not an actual chief minister.


Crop loans of Rs 2 lakh waived

In Chhattisgarh, Rahul Gandhi said the Congress had implemented two big promises made by the government. “We have waived crop loans and are buying rice at Rs 2,500 per quintal,” he said. The Telangana Chief Minister, however, said that he did not care about the farmers’ gossip. He said he listened to two or three big businessmen and made decisions for them. He said Telangana farmers wanted proper support price for paddy and chilli crops and waiver of agricultural loans. Not a single farmer need worry, he said, adding that the Congress government in the state would waive all crop loans of less than Rs 2 lakh and provide proper support prices for crops. He assured that it was not a matter of persuasion and would be implemented within a few months of the Congress coming to power. “If we do not protect the farmers of Telangana and do not support them, it will not be the state we dreamed of,” he said. Hence, The Warangal Declaration mentions crop loan waivers and support prices. Rahul Gandhi declared that the Warangal Declaration was not just a declaration but a guarantee given by the Congress party for the farmers.


He said every farmer in the state should read the Warangal Declaration and the Congress party was guaranteeing every word and point in it. Who betrayed Telangana? Who betrayed the dreams of Telangana? What’s that person’s name? Asked repeatedly, Rahul told thousands of people in the house that he was KCR. He made it clear that Congress would have no alliance with such a person. He urged all Congress leaders and activists to keep this in mind. He warned that any Congress leader would leave the party if he talked about an alliance with the TRS. If there is such an idea, no matter how big the leader is, he is sure to be expelled. Leaders who want to forge ties with either the TRS or the BJP have advised him to leave the party immediately. He said there would be a direct fight with the TRS in the coming elections. Whoever damaged the dream of Telangana, Telanganafarmers,


The bond is between them

Those who want to be associated with the TRS go to that party or the BJP. Because there is a connection between TRS and BJP. You have to remember what stand the TRS took when NarendraModi brought three black laws against the farmers at that time. The BJP has never ruled Telangana directly. The BJP knows that. That is why it wants to rule with remote control. Can’t get along with Congress. That is why the BJP wants a TRS government here. Therefore, no matter how much KCR exploits, the central government will not investigate him with the EDI or the CBI


Another assembly for tribals

We put a declaration on farmer issues to reassure them at a meeting held for farmers. The next meeting will be for the tribals. We fully support the idea of ​​providing ten percent reservations as they wish

One Chance

After the formation of Telangana, the TRS was given a chance twice. That party has deceived the people of the state. Give Congress a chance this time. We will form a farmer and poor government. We will fulfill the dream of Telangana.


Tickets if you stand on the side of the people

The issue of tickets arises during elections. 

Remember all leaders. For whoever the people are 

They will fight .. They will get a ticket based on their talent. No matter how old the peasants are, if they do not fight on the side of the poor, the Congress will not get a ticket

Rahul reassures farmer families

Family members of farmers who committed suicide

The PCC president explained the plight to Rahul


Hanumakonda, Rahul Gandhi wiped away the tears of several affected farmer families at a farmers’ conflict meeting organized to highlight the problems facing farmers in the state. They shrugged their shoulders in frustration. They were assured that the Congress party would stand firm. If a farmer’s wife is shedding tears over her husband who committed suicide. The woman wiped away the tears with a scarf around her neck. Organizers seated the victim women, who attended the meeting with photos of their suicidal husbands, next to the auditorium. Rahul came to the hall and went straight to the place where the victim women were. When he came and greeted them, they could not stop mourning. She showed the photos of her husband to Rahul and shed tears. Rahul Gandhi was also shocked by their situation. PCC president Rewant Reddy explained their plight to Rahul in Hindi.


Someone in the House ..

Coming to power is permanent: Bhatti 

It is certain that the Congress will win the coming elections and come to power. She came to power in 2002 with a meeting on the grounds of the Arts‌ College. 20 years later history is going to repeat itself. Chief Minister KCR‌ commissions were punished for not completing the projects. The farmer welfare policies were wiped out by showing the peasantry as bait.


 Modi breaks farmers’ interest: MP is better

Prime Minister NarendraModi has weakened the agricultural sector. Modi has been announcing at every budget meeting for five years that he will double the income of farmers. Isn’t it doubling .. Farmers’ income has been halved. The BJP has increased the price of fertilizers. CM KCR‌ and Prime Minister Modi together cheated the rice farmers.


Fighting anti-peasant policies: Sambhani 

Activists should take the anti-farmer policies of the Center and the state to the people. The farmer conflict should explain the decisions taken in the House. The Congress must work together to come to power.


Candidates before Arnella ..: Komatireddy

Rahul ji … Candidates should be announced six months in advance and tickets should be finalized. Justice must be done to those who worked for the party. Some of the party will appear on stage. Do not appear in the middle of people. Will not fight against anti-government policies. Such people should be put aside. Positions are not important to us.


KCR forgetting Stuartpuram thieves: Yashkee

Stuartpuram KCR is being exploited to forget the thieves. Congress has a history of honoring farmers. KCR has a history of threatening and harassing farmers.


BJP has no right to be a state: Ponnam

The BJP has no right to stay in Telangana. If the party had implemented the Kakinada resolution, there would not have been 1400 casualties in Telangana. State BJP leaders are speaking without Soi.

Hanumakonda City