Staff tested positive for Covid-19, about 60 Police personnel undergo testing in Bengaluru, station sanitized

Yogesh K Porwar & Avanth Kumar Kankaria

As many as 60 police personnel attached to Byatarayanapura police station on Wednesday, had to undergo RT-PCR tests after one of the staff tested positive for Covid-19 on Tuesday.

Senior officer told media persons,All of them have been asked to isolate themselves and maintain physical distancing until their results, a senior police officer said.

He even said Soon the entire Byatarayanapura police station was sanitized and a few other police stations in the west division were also sanitized as precautionary measures that were carried out during the second wave of Covid.

“We have instructed our men to take utmost care when they are interacting with complainant parties at the station and we will also carry out regular sanitization exercises to ensure our men are safe from any viral infection,he added.