Year End Review – 2021 – Ministry of Coal Single Window Clearance Launched to Speed up Operationalization of Coal Mines



“Colliery Control (Amendment) Rules, 2021

With the objective of scrutinizing the relevance and requirement of various compliances as well as rationalizing, reducing and simplifying the related processes to enhance ease of doing business by doing away parallel compliances, Coal Mines (Conservation and Development) Act, 1974 (CMCD) and CMCD Rules, 1975 have been repealed reducing one Act from the compliance burden and Colliery Control Rules, 2004 have been amended vide Colliery Control (Amendment) Rules, 2021 which have been notified and published in the Gazette of India vide G.S.R. 546(E) dated 09.08.2021.

 Mineral Concession (Amendment) Rules, 2021

Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Amendment Act, 2021, carried out amendments in MMDR Act 1957. This necessitated amendment in the Mineral Concession (Amendment) Rules, 1960. Hence, MCR, 1960 have been appropriately amended vide the Mineral Concession (Amendment) Rules, 2021 which have been notified vide gazette notification G.S.R 717(E) on 01.10.2021.

With insertion of Rule 24C in the MCR, 1960, mining lease for coal or lignite is now granted to a Government company or corporation for 50 years. Mining lease granted before the MCR reforms of 01.10.2021 shall be deemed to have been granted for 50 years or till 31st March, 2030, whichever is later. State Governments are empowered to extend the mining lease for a further period of 20 years at a time for allotted mines.

With insertion of Rule 27A in the MCR, 1960, lessee of captive mine is allowed to sell coal or lignite up to such per cent (50%) of the total coal or lignite produced in a financial year after meeting the requirement of the end use plant linked with the mine. This provision is not applicable to a power project awarded on the basis of competitive bid for tariff including Ultra Mega Power Projects.

Central Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette and for the reasons to be recorded in writing, increase the said percentage of coal or lignite that may be sold by a Government company or corporation beyond 50%.

Rule 28 of MCR, 1960 has been amended providing for lapsing of leases where production and dispatch has not commenced within a period of two years from the date of execution of the mining lease or is discontinued for a continuous period of two years after commencement of production or dispatch. The mining lease shall lapse on the expiry of the period of two years from the date of execution of the lease or as the case may be, discontinuance of the production and dispatch.

Rule 64B has been amended providing that royalty shall be charged on run-of-mine coal or lignite irrespective of its processing within or outside the leased area.

Launch of Single Window Clearance

The Union government launched Single Window Clearance portal on 11.01.2021 for the coal sector to speed up the operationalization of coal mines. It is a unified platform that facilitates grant of clearances and approvals required for starting a coal mine in India.

Setting up of Coal Import Monitoring System:

There is substantive time lag in DGCI&S providing import data. Consolidated import data is made available by DGCI&S after a time lag of 2 to 2½ months while disaggregated data comes only after 3 to 3½ months. This time lag in receiving data makes it deficient for taking any policy decision and reducing imports. Therefore, a Coal Import Monitoring System has been created jointly with the help of Ministry of Commerce& Industry

“The CIMS has been effective from 01.04.2021 i.e. Bill of Entry on or after 01.04.2021 for items as listed in this Notification shall be governed by CIMS. The facility of online Registration has been made available with effect from 15.02.2021”. Till 12.04.2021, 168 registrations under CIMS portal have been successfully carried out.


Commercial Coal Mining:-

The auction-based regime introduced in 2014 allowed private sector participation, however, it was limited to captive usage in own end use plants. The sector has been opened up for commercial coal mining by private players in 2020 and first ever successful auction of commercial mining was launched by the Hon’ble Prime Minister on 18.06.2020 and concluded with allocation of 19 coal mines.

Commercial coal block auctions are conducted in a two-stage online bidding process, which involves technical screening and submission of competitive initial price offer in the first stage, and a second and final stage where better price offers are intended to be received.

Commercial coal mining auctions are completely different from the earlier regime of restricted sectors, use and price. Now, there are no such restrictions at all. The auctions have terms and conditions which are very liberal, allowing new companies to participate in the bidding process.

Reduced upfront amount, adjustment of upfront amount against royalty, liberal efficiency parameters to encourage flexibility to operationalize the coal mines, transparent bidding process, 100% FDI through automatic route is allowed and reasonable financial terms and revenue sharing model based on the National Coal Index.

So far, 28 coal blocks have been auctioned in the States of Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Odisha (details enclosed in Annexure). The estimated benefits which would accrue to the coal bearing State Government through the successful auction of above-mentioned 28 coal blocks is as under: –


S. No. Name of the State Number of Coal Mines Auctioned Cumulative PRC of coal mine auctioned Annual Revenue generated based on the PRC of mine (Rs. crore)* Capital Investment (Rs. Crore)* Total Employment (Direct + Indirect)*
1 Chhattisgarh 5 8.2 1106.08 1,230.00 11,086
2 Jharkhand 8 20.6 2802.70 3,090.00 27,852
3 Madhya Pradesh 8 10.85 1712.71 1,627.50 14,669
4 Maharashtra 4 3.52 520.89 528.00 4,759
5 Odisha 3 19 1802.43 2,850.00 25,688
  TOTAL 28 62.17 7944.81 9,325.50 84,054

*Please note that the benefits for only the fully explored mines have been calculated for mines under Tranche 2 of commercial auctions since the PRC of partially explored mines was not available. However, while calculating the benefits from Tranche 1 coal mines of commercial auctions, benefits from both partially and fully explored mines have been considered as the PRC of both partially and fully explored coal mines was available.

In 2nd round of auction for commercial mining, 11 coal blocks fetch single bids. Hence, it was decided by the Ministry to go for 2nd attempt of the said 11 coal mines. The last date of submission of Technical Bid was November 29, 2021. Bids received were opened on 30.11.2021. Total 7 bids were received for 4 coal blocks. The details of the 11 coal blocks offered in 2nd attempt of 2nd Round of Auction is enclosed as Annexure-B.

  1. 3rd round of auction 88 coal mines have been offered for auction. (details enclosed as Annexure-C). Production from the 28 successfully auction coal mines for commercial mining is yet to start.

Union Minister of Coal, Mines and Parliamentary Affairs Shri Pralhad Joshi launched the fourth and latest tranche of auction of 99 coal mines including 24 new mines on 16th December,2021.

After successful auction of 28 coal mines in the first two tranches and upon receipt of 53 bids for 20 coal mines under Tranche 13 of CM(SP) Act and Tranche 3 of MMDR Act, Ministry of Coal has now launched the auction process of 24 new coal mines (9new mines under Tranche 14 of CM(SP) Act and 15 new mines under the Tranche 4 of MMDR Act). With coal mines rolling over from third round of commercial auctions and 2nd attempt of second tranche of commercial auctions, there shall be a total of 99 coal mines on offer.

Of these 99 mines on offer, 59 are fully explored mines and 40 are partially explored. These mines are spread across eight coal bearing states of Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

The list of mines has been finalized post detailed deliberations and mines falling under protected areas, wildlife sanctuaries, critical habitats, having forest cover greater than 40%, heavily built-up area etc. have been excluded.

Setting up of Coking Coal Washeries: The Government plans to increase the supply of washed coking coal to the Steel sector from 3 to 15 MT. For this, two coking coal washeries have already been commissioned, three coking coal washeries are under construction, in two cases – Letter of Intent (LoI) has been issued and in one case- the tender is under evaluation. For Non-coking coal washeries – one  non-coking coal Washery is under construction and in two cases of non-coking coal washeries, LoI has been issued.

Out of a total of Nine coking coal washeries:

  • Two Coking Coal washeries constructed and operational
  • Four under construction (3 Coking + 1 Non-coking)
  • LoI / WO issued for two washeries
  • One tendered and bid opened – Price Bid under evaluation
  • Three more coking coal washeries in the 2nd Phase


Sustainable Development Cell: Recognizing the importance of bringing sustainability in coal mining, a “Sustainable Development Cell” has been created in Ministry of Coal and also in all coal PSUs to promote adoption of better environmental management practices in coal mines, thereby providing a better environment to people working and residing in nearby areas and also improve the overall image of coal sector in the country.


Social & Environmental Responsibility– Green initiative activities undertaken so far:


    • Improve public perception of coal mining via Coal Mine Tourism- Four eco-parks completed, and foundation stone laid for five eco-parks till October 2021. Two more Eco- parks to be completed in 2021-22 and two each during 2022-23 and 2023-24.
    • Bio-reclamation of mined-out areas and plantation in free areas in and around coal mines:-

Cumulative achievement of 5445 Hector and plantation of 130 lakh saplings (up to Oct 2021) against the target of 5400 Ha & 130 lakh plants for FY2020-22.

    • Supply of mine water for domestic use and utilizing mine water for potable and irrigation purposes :–

 Greening Initiatives: Bio-Reclamation/Plantation:

    • Successful launch of Vriksharopan Abhiyan -2021: “Going Green Initiative” was rolled out by launching the Vriksharopan Abhiyan in August, 2021 in the presence of Shri Raosaheb Patil Danve, Minister of State for Coal, Mines and Railways, Secretary (Coal) and other senior officers of Ministry of Coal.
    • Around 6.9 lakh seedlings of local species were planted covering an area of about 500 acres spread across 38 districts of 12 States (350 places) and 3.8 lakh seedlings were distributed amongst the local people for plantation in their areas.
    • Vriksharopan Abhiyan continued with full vigor in coal fields paving the way for  plantation of more than 44 lakh saplings over an area of 1750 Ha (Till October 2021) in and around coalfields of coal/ lignite PSUs.

Utilization of Mine water for Community Use:

    • Mine water supply by coal/lignite PSUs for community use (for 2020-21) has grown to 3165 LKL registering a rise of about 20% over the quantity achieved in 2019-20.
    • More than 15 lakh population spreads in 738 villages of 9 States have been benefitted by domestic/drinking water supply. Also, irrigation potential (@ 100 acres/LKL) of about 2 lakh acres has been created by community water supply irrigation

Environmental Audit/ Studies:

  • The process of environmental audit of 35 mines of CIL by ICFRE has started and likely to be completed during 2021-22. Environmental audit of five mines of SCCL by ICFRE has been completed.
  • The process of Ecological Study at 10 mines of CIL (7)/ NLCIL (3) has started.


Coal Production

  • Overall coal production of CIL & SCCL in 2021 (Jan 21 to Nov 21) was 615.49 Million Ton (MT)
  • Overall coal off take of CIL & SCCL in 2021 (Jan 21 to Nov 21) was 645.32 MT
  • Coal dispatch by CIL & SCCL in 2021 (Jan 21 to Nov 21) to Power Sector was 516.35 MT
  • Total E-Auction by CIL & SCCL in 2021 (Jan 21 to Nov 21) was 116.30 MT.

Power Sector Linkage Policy – SHAKTI:-

Implementation Status of Power Sector Linkage Policy (SHAKTI) dated 22.05.2017 and amended SHAKTI

Sl. No. Activity Timeline/Status
A(i) Sign FSA with pending LoA holders Clearance given to Coal India Limited (CIL) to sign FSA with 9 LoA Holders having total commissioned capacity of 7210 MW.
B(i) Linkages to State/Central PSUs As on date, 23 TPPs have been granted linkage for a total capacity of 25340 MW.
(ii) Linkages for IPPs having PPA based on domestic coal
  • First round of linkage auction conducted in September, 2017.
  • Linkage booked by 10 plants of 9044 MW capacity for 27.18 MT quantity.
  • FSAs have been executed with all the successful bidders.
  • 2nd round of SHAKTI B (ii) linkage auction concluded on May, 2019.
  • Quantity of 2.97 MTPA booked by 8 bidders for a total capacity of 874.9 MW.
PFCCL/Ministry of Power authorized to conduct future auctions. Auction has been conducted by PFCCL during May, 2020. 2.8 MTPA linkages have been booked by 5 successful bidders.
Fourth round of linkage auction has been conducted by PFCCL in September,2021, where, 3.20 MTPA linkages have been booked by 5 successful bidders.
(iii) Linkages for IPPs without PPA
  • The linkage auction for SHAKTI B (iii) long/medium term was conducted in February, 2020.
  • Out of the total offer of 11.8 MTPA, 6.48 MTPA was booked by 7 successful bidders. The average premium gained was 9%.
(iv) Earmarking Linkages to States for fresh PPAs Coal linkage granted from Coal India Limited for the States of Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh for a capacity of 4000 MW, 1600 MW and 2640 MW respectively.
(v) Power aggregate of group of States
  • Coal linkage earmarked from Coal India Limited for a capacity of 2500 MW.
  • Methodology under B (v) is to be formulated by Ministry of Power. Bidding under SHAKTI B (v) is to be conducted by Ministry of Power.
(vi) Linkages to SPV for setting up of UMPP SBD under formulation by Ministry of Power.
(vii) Linkages to IPPs having PPA based on imported coal. IMC submitted its recommendation.
(viii) (a) Short term linkage coal


























(b) Coal supply in case of termination of PPAs due to payment default by DISCOMs


(c) Aggregation of Power by Nodal Agency under Para B (v) for a group of States even without requisition.



(d) PSU to act as an aggregator of Power



(e) Mechanism to ensure servicing of debt

  • Auction for April – June, 2020 was completed on 19.03.2020. Out of 5.77 MT of coal offered by CIL, 1.34 MT was booked by 9 successful bidders at notified price.
  • Auction for July – September, 2020 was completed on 13.07.2020. Out of 4.91 MT of coal offered by CIL, 0.63 MT coal was booked by 8 successful bidders at notified price.
  • Auction for October – December, 2020 has been completed on 15.09.2020. Out of the 5.89 MT offered by CIL, 0.35 MT coal has been booked by 6 successful bidders at notified price.
  • Auction for January – March, 2021 has been completed on 21.12.2020. Out of the 5.97 MT offered by CIL, 0.64 MT coal has been booked by 7 successful bidders.
  • Auction for April – June, 2021 has been completed on 16.03.2021. Out of the 4.99 MT offered by CIL, 1.07 MT coal has been booked by 8 successful bidders.
  • Auction for July – September, 2021 has been completed on 15.06.2021. Out of the 4.49 MT offered by CIL, 0.82 MT coal has been booked by 8 successful bidders at notified price.



  • Ministry of Power vide O.M dated 30.08.2019 has communicated the adequate safeguards which may be considered.


  • No action required from Ministry of Coal.


  • Vide O.M. dated 17.05.2019 and subsequent reminder dated 29.05.2019, Ministry of Power was requested to communicate the same.
  • Ministry of Power vide O.M dated 05.08.2019 and 20.08.2019 has communicated the mechanism prepared in this regard.


Thrust area for future research in Coal sector has been notified and a dedicated web site has been created for dissemination of information on research work.

Promotional Drilling: A programme of Promotional/NMET (Regional) drilling comprising 1.38 lakh meters in coal and 0.12 lakh meters in lignite has been drawn up in Annual Plan 2021-22 of CMPDI. The programme is under execution by MECL, DGMs of Nagaland & Assam and CMPDI.

As against this, the achievement of drilling upto the month of October, 2021 is 1.08 lakh metre, against the target of 0.89 lakh metre, which is 121% of the target.

Overall Progress of Detailed Drilling in 2021-22For 2021-22, a target of 7.50 lakh metre of drilling (Departmental: 4.71 lakh metre, Outsourcing: 2.79 lakh metre) has been proposed. As against this, 3.80 lakh metre of drilling has been carried out upto the month of October, 2021 against the target of 3.92 lakh metre, which is 97% of the target.



Sl. No. Notification issued Remarks
i. u/s 4(1) of CBA (A&D) Act, 1957 three notifications has

been issued in favour of ECL for Brahmini South Coal

Block District Dumka Jharkhand, Brahmini Central Coal

Block District Dumka Jharkhand and for WCL Sasti

Expansion Open Cast Mine (Phase-II), District

Chandrapur, Maharashtra.

5264.391 Ha (1305.248+3731.983+227.16) land for prospecting.
ii. u/s 9(1) of CBA (A&D) Act, 1957 three notifications has

been issued in favour of WCL Vishnupuri UG to OC Mine, District Chhindwara,MP, Gandhigram Underground Mine, District Betul,MP and Adasa Underground to Oc Mine, District, Nagpur ,Maharashtra.

1372.831 Ha (397.083+654.618+321.13) land acquired.
iii. u/s 11 (1) of CBA Act 1957 to notification has been issued in favour of PVUNL (A JV of NTPC) Banhardih Coal

Block, District Dumka, Jharkhand and for CCL Gidi ‘A’

Expansion OCP, District Hazaribagh, Jharkhand.

1045.959 Ha (1042.73+3.229)

land vested

i. u/s 4(1) of CBA (A&D) Act, 1957 two notifications has

been issued in favour of CCL for Gidi ‘C’ OCP, Disstt.

Hazaribagh and Sanghamitra, OCP, Distt. Chatra &

Latehar, Jharkhand.

529.513 (42.88 +486.633) Ha

land for prospecting.

ii. u/s 7(1) of CBA (A&D) Act, 1957 One notifications has

  1. issued in favour of NCL for Dudhichua expansion & Kakri North OCPs and Jayant expansion OCP, Distt. Singharauli, M.P.
1211.75 Ha. Intension to acquire the land.
iii. u/s 9(1) of CBA (A&D) Act, 1957 one notifications has

been issued in favour of ECL for Chitra OCP, Distt.

  1. Jharkhand.
174.44 Ha land acquired.
iii. u/s 11(1) of CBA (A&D) Act, 1957 one notifications has

been issued in favour of RRVUNL for Kente expansion

  1. block, Distt. Surguja.
  1. Ha vesting order.



Details of 28 coal mines auctioned in two rounds for commercial mining

Sl. No. Mine State Act Geological Reserve (MT) PRC (MTPA)
1 Brahmadiha Jharkhand CMSP 5.00 0.15
2 Chakla Jharkhand CMSP 76.05 5.30
3 Dhirauli Madhya Pradesh MMDR 586.39 3.00
4 Gare-Palma-IV/1 Chhattisgarh CMSP 84.262 6.00
5 Marki Mangli-II Maharashtra CMSP 11.44 0.30
6 Radhikapur (West) Odisha CMSP 312.04 6.00
7 Sahapur West Madhya Pradesh CMSP 52.68 0.60
8 Takli-Jena-Bellora (North) & Takli-Jena-Bellora (South) Maharashtra CMSP 117.26 1.50
9 Urtan Madhya Pradesh MMDR 55.391 0.65
10 Urtan North Madhya Pradesh CMSP 69.823 0.60
11-12 Gotitoria (East) & Gotitoria (West) Madhya Pradesh CMSP 7.452 0.30
13 Bandha Madhya Pradesh MMDR 441.50 5.00
14 Rajhara North (Central & Eastern) Jharkhand CMSP 20.27 0.75
15 Sahapur East Madhya Pradesh CMSP 63.36 0.70
16 Radhikapur (East) Odisha CMSP 176.33 5.00
17 Urma Paharitola Jharkhand CMSP 579.30 10.00
18 Gondulpara Jharkhand CMSP 176.33 4.00
19 Gare-Palma-IV/7 Chhattisgarh CMSP 234.205 1.20
20 Kuraloi (A) North Odisha MMDR 1680.230 8.00
21 Gondkhari Maharashtra CMSP 98.71 1.00
22 Jogeshwar & Khas Jogeshwar Jharkhand CMSP 84.03 NA
23 Jhigador Chhattisgarh MMDR 250.00 NA
24 Bhivkund Maharashtra MMDR 102.26 0.72
25 Rauta Closed Mine Jharkhand CMSP 7.00 NA
26 Khargaon Chhattisgarh MMDR 250.00 NA
27 Burakhap Small Patch Jharkhand CMSP 9.68 0.4
28 Bhaskarpara Chhattisgarh CMSP 46.91 1

*PRC is not available for the partially explored coal blocks under Tranche 2 of commercial auctions and hence NA has been mentioned.




Sl No Block State Act Geological Reserve (MT) PRC (MTPA) Bids Received
1 Choritand Tiliaya Jharkhand CMSP 0.78 WV NIL
2 Dahegaon/Makardhokra-IV Maharashtra CMSP 1.613 G8 NIL
3 Lalgarh (North) Jharkhand CMSP 1 WV 3
4 Shankarpur Bhatgaon II Extn Chhattisgarh CMSP 2 G6 NIL
5 Alaknanda Odisha MMDR NA G10 NIL
6 Beheraband North Extn. Madhya Pradesh MMDR NA WIV, G9 2
7 Burapahar Odisha MMDR 6 G12 NIL
8 Dip Extn. of Belpahar Odisha MMDR NA G10 NIL
9 Gondbahera Ujheni East Madhya Pradesh MMDR NA G7 1
10 Ramnagar Chhattisgarh MMDR NA G10 NIL
11 Tokisud Block II Jharkhand MMDR 1.5 G10 1



In the ongoing 13th Tranche of auctions for sale of coal under CM(SP) Act, 2015 and 3rd Tranche of auctions for sale of coal under MMDR Act, 1957 out of the total 88 coal mines put up for auction, 48 coal mines are the roll over mines from the earlier round of auctions. Remaining 40 mines are the new mines, the details of which are provided below:


S. No. Name of the Coal Mine State PRC

(in MTPA)

1 Ashok Karkatta Central Jharkhand 4
2 Bijahan Odisha 5.26
3 Chendipada Odisha 40
4 Chendipada-II Odisha
5 Jaganathpur A West Bengal 0.6
6 Kasta (East) West Bengal 1.89
7 Majra Maharashtra 0.48
8 Mandakini B Odisha 20
9 Mandla North Madhya Pradesh 1.5
10 Mandla‐South Madhya Pradesh 0.3
11 Marki Barka Madhya Pradesh 1
12 NamchikNamphuk Arunachal Pradesh 0.2
13 North of Arkhapal Srirampur (Northern Part) Odisha 15
14 Parbatpur Central Jharkhand 1.24
15 Rampia Odisha 15
16 Dip Side of Rampia Odisha
17 Seregarha Jharkhand 4
18 Sitanala Jharkhand 0.3
19 Sondhia Chhattisgarh 1
20 Thesgora-B/ Rudrapuri Madhya Pradesh 1
21 Utkal C Odisha 3.37
22 Bankhui Odisha NA
23 Barwatoli Jharkhand NA
24 Dhobbanpur West Bengal NA
25 Dighi Dharampur North Jharkhand NA
26 Dighi Dharampur South Jharkhand NA
27 Garampani Assam 0.02
28 GomarpahariSiulibana Jharkhand NA
29 Kalyan Khani Block-6 Telangana 1.23
30 Kapasdanga-Bharkata West Bengal NA
31 Koilajan Assam 0.004
32 Koyagudem Block-III Telangana 4.8
33 Maiki North Madhya Pradesh NA
34 Makhdumnagar West Bengal NA
35 Marwatola Sector VI & VII Madhya Pradesh 4
36 Mausingha Jharkhand NA
37 Meenakshi Odisha 12
38 Salbhadra-Gomarpahari West Bengal 8
39 Sattupalli Block-III Telangana 4
40 Shravanapalli Telangana 2.3

Note: PRC of partially explored coal mines is not available and hence NA is mentioned.

Details of the 48 rolled over mines are provided below:-


S. No. Name of the Coal Mine State PRC
1 Brinda Jharkhand 0.68
2 Sasai Jharkhand
3 Chitarpur Jharkhand 3.45
4 Datima Chhattisgarh 0.36
5 Jainagar Jharkhand NA
6 Khappa& Extn. Maharashtra 0.3
7 Latehar Jharkhand NA
8 Machhakata Odisha 30
9 Mahanadi Odisha
10 North Dhadu Jharkhand 8.15
11 NuagaonTelisahi Odisha 20
12 Panchbahani Chhattisgarh NA
13 Ramchandi Promotion Block Odisha NA
14 Rawanwara North Madhya Pradesh 1.26
15 Barapara Chhattisgarh NA
16 Barimahuli Madhya Pradesh NA
17 Barra Chhattisgarh NA
18 Bartap Odisha NA
19 Basantpur Jharkhand NA
20 Binja Jharkhand NA
21 Chintalpudi Sector A1 Andhra Pradesh 0.5
22 ChopnaShaktigarh Madhya Pradesh NA
23 DahegaonDhapewada&TondakhairiKhandala Combined Maharashtra 2.01
24 Dharampur Chhattisgarh NA
25 Dhulia North Jharkhand 14
26 Dip Side of Chatabar Odisha NA
27 Dolesara Chhattisgarh 1.74
28 Eastern Part of Gorhi-Mahaloi Chhattisgarh 1.74
29 Gawa Jharkhand NA
30 Ghutra Chhattisgarh NA
31 GondbaheraUjheni Madhya Pradesh 4.12
32 HingnaBazargaon Maharashtra NA
33 Jamui Madhya Pradesh 1
34 Jarekela Chhattisgarh 1.74
35 JharpalamThangarghat Chhattisgarh 1.74
36 KalambiKalmeshwar Maharashtra NA
37 Kardabahal-Brahmanbil Odisha 10
38 Kosala West Odisha 2
39 Maiki South Madhya Pradesh NA
40 Meghuli Chhattisgarh 4
41 Merkhi West Madhya Pradesh NA
42 Phuljhari East & West Odisha 10
43 Pipraul Chhattisgarh NA
44 Rajathari South Madhya Pradesh NA
45 Saradhapur North Odisha 6
46 Somavaram West Andhra Pradesh 1
47 Tentuloi Odisha 2
48 Western Part of Gorhi-Mahaloi Chhattisgarh 1.74

Note: PRC of partially explored coal mines is not available and hence NA is mentioned.