Karnataka Chief Minister inaugurates RV University, 2 new schools

Thomas (Special correspondent) 

Let us work together for development of the state along with development of education: CM

It would be ideal to join hands with educational institutions like Rashtriya Vidyalaya University for the welfare of the society and development of the state, Chief Minister,Basavaraj Bommai said.

Basavaraj Bommai, in his address after inaugurating the university said,expressed his government’s readiness to work hand in hand with institutions like RV for development of the state.

Quoting a Shloka from Bhagvadgeeta he said, Ashwatha tree is the best among all the trees, Narada is the best among all the Munis, Chitraratha is the best among all the gandharvas, Kapila Muni is the best among all the Siddhas. Similarly RV is the best among educational institutions,he said.

He stressed the need for including philosophy and logic along with imparting knowledge in education.We should encourage students to ask questions.

There is so much hypocrisy in the society and ethics is eroding.There are preachers but no practice,we have history but no character,he said.

Bommai wanted the best technical education to be made available for even the poor students. Our government has upgraded 150 ITIs at a cost of Rs.33cr each.RV University should make its own contribution in this regard,he said

Our government is bringing out a new R& D policy. A task force has been constituted for the purpose.