Congress is known for betraying the people: CM Bommai

Yogesh K Porwar & Avanth Kumar Kankaria

Having ‘Hand’ as its symbol,Congress is known for betraying the people, Chief Minister,Basavaraj Bommai said.

Ridiculing the grand old party as an outfit making tall promises and poor in delivery,Bommai, addressing a BJP poll campaign meeting in Gadag reminded, “the previous Congress government had announced 7kg rice per head and within a few days reduced it to 4kg.

In fact only 4kg was distributed for 3 years of their 5 year tenure. Again with just one year for the election it was raised to 7kg.

The story is the same about its promise to distribute houses for the poor. People will show them their place in this Legislative Council election,” he said.

Building castles in the air

Referring to former Chief Minister’s allegation that BJP government had not distributed even a single house, Bommai said that the senior Congress leader is misleading the people.

Congress leaders built castles in the air by promising to build 15 lakh homes 3 months before the previous election without making any financial allocation.

But the BJP government has not only provided the funds, but even started work on the construction.

I have approved construction of 5 lakh houses. I have instructed the officials to ensure that they are completed well before the end of my term,” Bommai said.

Bommai also listed many welfare programmes launched by his government.There is a healthy competition among various departments in taking up development works in rural areas.

About 7500 Sthree Shakti Sanghas have been provided a grant of Rs1 lakh each. About 75000 youth have been enrolled for various skill development programme to enable them to get jobs or self employed, Bommai said.