Notorious Rowdy-Sheeter & his aide arrested by Yeshwanthpur police for trying to cheat a police officer with forged surety bond for bail

Thomas (Special correspondent) 

The Yeshwathpur police on Thursday arrested a 35 year old rowdy-sheeter who was trying to cheat the police with forged surety bonds.

The accused has been identified as,Yuvraj,and his associate,Kempaiah.

Senior officer told media persons,Based on a complaint filed by Nandini layout police station sub inspector after the accused who submitted a land documents to bail out a rowdy sheeter the sub inspector and team after receiving the papers they verified the documents in government record and found it to be forged and fake.

By this way the cheating came to light and after verifying the property documents in government record documentation it was found that the property documents he has submitted has been impounded already by a court in a different case .

Based on the information,the accused Yuvaraj along with his associate identified as Kempaiah, from Ramanagar has been arrested.

During investigation it was found that Yuvraj, a notorious Rowdy-Sheeter having over 13 cases has been detained by the police and was asked to submit a collateral surety to obtain bail.

Yuvaraj has arranged Kempaiah to submit his land documents which he had forged and submitted to bail Yuvaraj,out.

Probe revealed that Kempaiah had already bailed out an accused in a case from city civil court and since the accused had jumped bail,the court had impounded his property documents .

However Kempaiah created a forged documents to submit the same to get Yuvaraj out on bail.

Yuvraj had promised Kempaiah to Pay Rs 5,000 for the help.The duo has been arrested under cheating and forgery and remanded to judicial custody as a criminal who thought that he is genius in forging the documents is landed in police and cooling his heels in jail.