I will bring BJP back to power in the state: CM Bommai

Yogesh K Porwar & Avanth Kumar Kankaria


Exuding confidence of a commander in control, Chief Minister,Basavaraj Bommai on Thursday said,I have my own long term vision for the state with a slew of projects and programmes.

I have more than one year time for the election.I will bring BJP back to power in 2023.”

Participating in the ‘Chaupal’ conclave organised by News 18 channel in New Delhi he said, “I am in constant touch with the people,have drawn up many programmes,BJP is set to win the next election and return to power.”

Replying to a question about his thinking on the ways to prevent the spread of Omicron,the Chief Minister said,we should reach the source of the pandemic.

Passengers from 13 ‘at risk’ countries should be compulsorily tested.Those infected should be subjected to 7 day quarantine.They should be tested again on the 7th day.It is our duty to protect the health of our people.”

Bommai also batted for administering Booster dose of the vaccine for health workers.

Sharing his 4 month experience as the Chief Minister Bommai said that,it is being seen as a hot seat.

But the heat will subside if we are doing a good job.Circumstances too mellow the person sitting on the Chief Minister’s seat.

Replying to a question about his experiences of working with 5 Chief Ministers and his own experience as the CM, he said, “all of them were mass leaders,each of them had their own personality and administrative style.

It has helped me in facing some situations. Previous CM BS Yediyurappa was a good mass leader.

Hard working sensitive man. I have learned a lot from him about administration and politics.”

Responding to the challenge of job creation and attracting investments he said, state government is coming out with new employment policy.

We will continue the incentives to attract investments. But we also want to provide employment for people of our state.”