Dr Mansukh Mandaviya reviews status of DAP, Urea availability in States; assures there is ample production and no fertilizer shortage in the country

“There is ample production of fertilizer and no shortage across the country”, Union Minister of Chemicals and Fertilizer Dr Mansukh Mandaviya assured while virtually reviewing the status of fertilizer availability across the country with State Agriculture Ministers today.  Agriculture Ministers from 18 states participated in the review meeting.

Noting that management of fertilizer requirements of the farmers and agriculture sector was the collective responsibility of the Centre and States, Dr Mansukh Mandaviya expressed gratitude towards the States for collaborative efforts during the past few months to tide over the enhanced demand from farmers for DAP. There has been seamless coordination between the Union Chemicals and Fertilizer Ministry and the States as a result of collective efforts, he added. The State Agriculture Ministers thanked the Union Minister for fulfilling their fertilizer requirement during the past few months when demand for DAP had risen across many States.

He informed the State Ministers of the Fertilizer Dashboard that has been operational since the past about two months, and the Control Room which has been working 24*7 for effective coordination between States and the Centre for ensuring adequate fertilizer availability in various districts. He urged the States to monitor requirement/supply on a daily basis on the ‘Fertilizer Dashboard’ for more effective and productive fertilizer management. “It is important to plan in advance and assess the district wise requirement on a weekly basis. There is ample quantity of balance and unutilized fertilizer in various districts. Daily regular monitoring will inform us in advance for better management. The Centre has been supplying fertilizer to the States without any delay based on the requirement indicated by them”, he stated. Under Hon. Prime Minister’s directions, the Center is committed to meeting the subsidy on fertilizers thereby reducing their financial burden, Dr Mansukh Mandaviya said. The Centre is working relentlessly to meet the urea requirement of the country in the forthcoming Rabi season, he assured.

The Union Minister stated that it is important for the States to aggressively prevent any diversion of Urea to industry (such as veneer, plywood etc.) to ensure adequate availability for the agriculture sector. He informed that as a result of aggressive and effective monitoring by the State administration, movement of fertilizer across the borders from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar has been prevented. “It is important for States to monitor that supply to farmers is not diverted to other sectors, thereby leading to false shortage”, he exhorted the States. He also urged the States for enhancing awareness and motivating the farmers for judicious use of fertilizer and reduction of wastage and misuse.

“Let us also explore options and promote use of alternative fertilizers such as Nano Urea and organic fertiliser which protect the soil and are more productive; less amount of nano Urea will be used contrary to the quantity used at present and contribute to higher nutrient use efficiency”, Dr Mansukh Mandaviya stated at the review meeting. The nano-fertilizer holds great promise for application in plant nourishment because of the size-dependent qualities, high surface-volume ratio, and unique properties. IFFCO has started production of nano Urea and the work on nano DAP is ongoing, the Union Minister informed.