(By- Jyoti Takkar)

Online education is a form of education which is delivered and administered using the internet. With educational institutes closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the government encouraged online education to achieve academic continuity. Most high-end private and public institutions have made the switch smoothly using online platforms such as Zoom, Google classrooms, Microsoft teams, etc., while many still find it a herculean task. The challenges of online education are multifaceted. It is time that we Indians, as a society, understand the realms of online education – in India, for India. Online education is both beneficial and dysfunctional at the same time. Almost for every one students, parents or teachers. It has both boon and bane simultaneously. Online education opens up a lot of possibilities for students and teachers alike. Yet, it may also widen the inequalities in the socio-economic fabric of India. All our policies and interventions with regard to online education should strive to be inclusive. Good vision, sincere efforts and time will show India the way ahead. It is easy for nobody to cope up with the screen time, making notes and completing never ending just went from daily offline classes to travelling schools/colleges/institutions. Everything just gets more and
more complicated.