Madal Virupakshappa appears before Lokayukta for questioning

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar



JP MLA from Davanagere,Madal Virupakshappa,on Thursday appeared before lokayukta in Karnataka for questioning in bribe case and grilled by officials for over six hours .

Virupakshappa,who was on the run for the last six days following a Lokayukta raid on his son Prashant Madal, after he was caught accepting a bribe of Rs.40 lakh on behalf of his father .

Madal who appeared before the Investigating officer reportedly told the officials that the cash seized from his house was from the sale of aracanut .

He denied having knowledge about the cash seized from his son during the trap and said that he is nothing to do with the cash nor he is aware .

Though he claimed the money seized from his house is from the sale of Arecanut but could not substantiate the claim with the documents,sources in the Lokayukta said.

After coming out completing the investigation he said i have answered what investigation officer asked me and have furnished all the details to them and said whenever ask to appear i need to appear before them  and i will co-operate with investigation further also Madal Virupakshappa said in his statement.

Lokayukta Sources said that they have asked Madal Virupakshappa to appear before them again on Friday for questioning.