Learning Loss In The Time Of COVID-19

-Palak Oberoi

One and half year into COVID-19 pandemic, Educational system has been affected in this time immensely. After the closure of schools, colleges and institutes,officials came up with the alternate of online learning. According to researchersonline learning has shown excessive loss of learning.

Students are facing numerous obstacles during E-Learning, Accessibility to electronic platform is one of them. There are students who are unable to afford gadgets for E-Learning and some are incapable of operating electronic systems. Large number of students in rural areas are computer illiterate, which means it is impossible to provide online education to all the students. Another major hurdle in online classes is social separation, which can possibly leads to major mental health issues. Social gathering is crucial to understand various perspectives, to build relationships, to improve communication skills and most importantly to express your opinions and thoughts.

During physical classes, teachers observe students well enough to give immediate face-to-face feedback. Immediate feedback helps students more often to complete their assignments, it also makes learning process much more easier for students.

Cheating through various procedures during examinations is another drawback of online learning.

As students give their examination in their own personal environment without any invigilation , it becomes more viable for them to cheat. Another hurdle, Instructors focus more on theory classes rather focusing on practical exposure as it is more convenient to teach theory in online classes. Lack of practical exposurecan leads to lack of knowledge as students get the chance to work in real during practical experiment which in turn build their confidence.

Some problems can be solved  by several steps. Drawback of Limited feedback during E-Learning can be solved by often video calls between students and teachers. To enhance communication skills, schools must conduct various peer-to-peer group communication activities and also ensure the participation of each student, but evidently online learning cannot fulfill all the needs of students.