Cinemas are Back!! Ammy Virk & Sonam Bajwa Punjabi Film PUAADA Hits Theatres!!

Finally after a year and half of waiting, Punjabi audiences world wide can now get their fill of entertainment on the big screens as Ammy Virk & Sonam Bajwa starrer Puaada hits cinemas world wide!! The film is all the rage with the youth and family audiences, the trailer of the movie touched 1 crore views and the songs have done more than 2 crore plus views!! So much is the craze for the film that several shows have sold out in advance already and cinema chains across the globe are adding more and more screens to keep up with the demand!!

Puaada is having the biggest release for an Ammy Virk & Sonam Bajwa starrer outside of Punjab in India and also in the overseas markets, says Ammy “this film has the perfect dose of desi and urban content to appeal to all types of punjabis settled everywhere!” Puaada is comedy romance family entertainer where Sonam Bajwa’s character challenges Ammy’s character every step of the way, Sonam says “I enjoy playing strong female characters, and the character of Raunak in this film represents all the girls of today from cities to villages who will do whatever it takes to stand up for what they believe is right.”

With its wide appealing trailer and songs, and the pent up demand for audiences worldwide the producers feel encouraged, says producer Atul Bhalla “people have been sitting in homes for a long time now and everyone is looking for good entertainment to provide them good laughs and relief and we promise you Puaada will give you just that.”

This is the same team that has brought the previous mega laugh riot Shadaa starring Diljit Dosanjh and Neeru Bajwa, and this time to the producers are looking to tap those same audiences with this colourful comedy, says producer Pawan Gill “as a production house it’s always our endeavour to produce widely appealing content, and the widest possible entrainment for punjabis is comedy with romance and after Shadaa we have now tried to give audiences all that but with a twist.” What exactly is this twist or Puaada we can now find out by heading out to to the nearest theatres and getting our fill of entertainment.