First time in the history Major raid by Bengaluru police,CCB,on Central Jail and Homes of History-Sheeters,Weapons,SimCards,Narcotics,561 cases registered -Kamal Pant

Pramesh S Jain.Yogesh K Porwar 

First time in the history of Bengaluru police commissionerate,under the instructions and able guidance of Commissioner of police,Kamal Pant,a major raid has been carried out in an early morning special drive,Bengaluru City Police teams led by the jurisdictional DCPs,ACPs,PIs,PSIs,crime staff and dog squads were pressed into action to sniff the narcotics at the homes of rowdies and history-sheeters across the city.

The police raided more than 2,000 houses and 1,500 rowdy-sheeters have been detained for questioning.

The operations was carried out based on the information that some habitual offenders were operating even from inside the prison,a senior police officer part of the operation said.

DCP West,Dr Sanjeev M Patil and his team in the early morning conducted raids on the houses of Notorious history-Sheeter as Poison Rama,chatri Hemanth,kenda Vishnu,Koli Jagga,Mandya rakshitha and others.

Total cases booked under,107/110- 39 cases on 39 persons.399-402- 1 case,4 persons Arms act- 1 case, 2 persons NDPS- 1 case 1 person 1 kg ganja.Also seized – 11 bikes, 2 auto rickshaws, 1 scorpio suv. Totally 189 houses raided 84 detained.

DCP,South Harish Pandey and his team conducted a major raid on history sheeters a surprise operation Rowdy was taken by his whole team.

1.No of rowdies houses raided for search – 454.
2. No of rowdies brought to station from these houses-405.
3.Total 39 sharp and banned weapons seized.
4.Total 33 arms act cases are being registered.
5.33 rowdies have been arrested in arms act cases.
6.Total 25 persons have been detected with NDPS consumption.16 cases of 27(b) registered.
7.A total of 149 rowdies booked under cases of preventive action under 107/110 crpc registered and bond has been ordered to be given.4 gangs namely bullet raja,BTS Manja,Byresh and Manjesh gang members arrested after found in possession of weapons.

CCB police, team headed by Joint CP Crime,Sandeep Patil, DCPs,as,KP Ravikumar,BS Angadi along with ACPs,PIs,and around 100 constables conducted a surprise raid in the early Morning 5 am on Parappana Agrahara jail during raid mobiles,sims,ganja,ganja smoking pipes,knives seized.

The police were also probing the possible involvement of prison officials who failed to check the narcotics.Another cause for concern is the number of mobile phones seized dispite jammers in place.

We are analysing the mobile phones and SIM cards to ascertain illegal activities,”said Sandeep Patil,Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime).

Whitefield Division police headed by DCP, Whitefield,D Devaraj and his team conducted a suprise raid on 102 houses And 82 have been secured with some weapons and ganja and vehicles siezed by Whitefield division police.

In Whitefield,the police conducted operations on the residences of 116 rowdies in their jurisdiction and recovered 2.5 kgs of marijuana and lethal weapons such as knives,daggers and machetes from them.

Three rowdies have been booked under NDPS Act while 15 have been booked under Section 110 ( security for good behaviour from habitual offenders) of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC), D. Devraj, DCP, Whitefield said.

North Division police headed by DCP, Dharmendra Kumar Meena and his team conducted surprise raids across North Divisions,all PSs,In major operation,simultaneous raids was conducted at houses of all rowdies.There houses was searched for illegal arms,Narcotics substances, vehicles obtained illegally and any other material.

Almost 230 rowdies detained.Entire divison rowdy parade was kept at 18th Cross, Malleshwaram ground where senior officer,Addl CP East,S Murugan enquired about their activities and warned them and seized material were displayed.

DCP Central headed by DCP,MN Anucheth and his team conducted a surprise raid on 107 history sheeters and 93 were secured and detained.

East Division police headed by DCP, East,Dr SD Sharanappa and his team conducted a surprise raid at 254 houses of Rowdy sheeters in which 188 detained by total 55 police teams .

Senior officer said,Corona made police step into many roles of – feeding the hungry, helping the migrants with transport and ration, providing medical assistance to the needy ( beds medicines oxygen) guarding the long ques at the mortuary, making PA system awareness about ‘SMS’ and vaccinations.

Till this day Enforcement is the painful part of our entire corona related functioning.Disciplining someone to care for self and for loved ones was similar In a way of enforcing helmet fines. Discipline increased with the rise in cases and unfortunate deaths that followed.

The amount of awareness all the media houses carried was really helpful in driving home the message of safety.Our home guards have played a significant role with us in all our actions he added.

City Police Commissioner Kamal Pant,addressing media after the meticulous raid by his team along with,Addl CP East,S Murugan,Joint CP Crime, Sandeep Patil he said,As many as 2144 houses in and around the city are searched and 1514 rowdy elements were detained and questioned in a special operations carried out by city police on the habitual offenders and gangsters in the wee hours of Saturday.

Meanwhile CCB police along with the dog squad  carried simultaneous raids at the Central prison of Parappana Agrahara and recovered huge amount of daggers,knives,mobile phones,pen drives,memory cards and marijuana from the inmates.

Terming the operation as successful,city Kamal Pant even said that the operation was carried meticulously after working on the information for many days.

Between last year till June this year,the city police arrested 31 rowdies under Goonda act and jurisdictional DCPS using their special executive magistrate powers registered 1808 cases under various provision of security Act.

A special drive was carried time to time to detain 1571 habitual offenders to get an undertaking from them assuring not to involved in any anti social activities.

A total of Rs.1.5 lakh collected from 4 rowdies for violating the conditions of the undertaking and remanded to judicial custody,while some of them externorated for an year,Mr.Pant,said .

while on Saturday’s raid the police seized 91 arms like dagger knives and choppers,and machetes from the houses,along with 12  kilograms of Marijuana.

The CCB officials


who carried the raids in Central Prison of Parappana Agrahara and searched the barracks of the gangsters recovered two mobiles, four SIM cards,three pen drives,three memory cards,26 knives,seven chillams (pipes to smoke ganja),200 grams of marijuana and cash Rs 7710, from them.

Refused to comment on the security lapses at the central prison,Mr.Pant,said that the issue has been brought to the notice of the Director General of Prisons and will be resolved.

This operations would continue to check on the activities of the habitual offenders and rowdies and they are under the police radar.

A detailed examination of antecedents of all the detained rowdies/rowdy sheeters is also being conducted.Those found indulging in illegal activities will be sent to prison he added.

These raids were conducted in the backdrop of two brazen murders that were took place in broad daylight at public places in the last two weeks-financier Madan and former BJP corporator Rekha Kadiresh.

The police have also been cracking down on the sale of drugs in the city, increasing border checks and inspecting premises of private courier firms that are often used to ship consignments of narcotics.

A total of 409 cases have been booked against the rowdies and habitual offenders under Arms Act.48 cases under NDPS,along 561 rowdies have been booked under various sections of the IPC.

Finally,Director General and Inspector General of Police,Praveen Sood appreciated Bengaluru City Police Commissioner,Kamal Pant and his entire team as,Addl CP East,S Murugan,Joint CP Crime Sandeep Patil,DCPs,as,Dr.SD Sharanappa,MN Anucheth,Dharmendra Kumar Meena,Harish Pandey,Srinath Mahadev Joshi,CK Baba,Dr Sanjeev M Patil,D Devaraj,KP Ravikumar,BS Angadi,with all ACPs,PIs,PSIs,ASIs,HCs,PCs,and whole crime staff,Dog squad staffs and others were appreciated for their exemplary work in conducting simultaneous raids across the city to curb the rowdy activities in the city.Appreciate the excellent operation conducted against rowdies by the jurisdictional police he added.