Woman booked for assaulting another women for not wearing mask in Bengaluru

Pramesh S Jain

The Sadashivashivanagar police have booked a case of assault against a woman for canning a woman from her neighborhood accusing her of not wearing the mask properly .

The accused Advaitha Arunkumar was walking with her dogs near her house at around 7 am when she confronted her neighbour Bhavana Ramesh Kumar, passing-by.

Advaith shouted at her for not wearing masks and canned her Bhavana objected .

soon neighbors came out and objected Advaitha unruly behaviour for the assault for which the woman claimed that she is IAS officer,shouted at the neighbours for not following covid guidelines and not wearing mask .

Meanwhile the residents called the police who rushed to the spot and took Advaitha to the police station.

Bhavana along with other neighbors went to the station and filed a complaint.

The police based on the complaint registered a case of assault and later released the accused on station bail said a senior officer.