Duo held for black marketing Life Saving drug Remdesivir 2 injection vials Seized.

Sushma Gowda (Correspondent)

The Jigani police have arrested A 33-year-old doctor and receptionist of the private hospital was caught red handed by Jigani police while trying to sell Remdesivir injection for Rs 15,000 in black .

The accused has been identified as Dr.Farman Ali,resident of Austin town and joined the,Ace Suhas hospital in Jigani,two months ago.The other accused is Rakshith V Salian,working as receptionist for the last three months.

Need of the hour in Bengaluru now is to have one dedicated and resourceful helpline to guide patients to hospitals or find alternatives at the earliest. People are just left scrambling between hospital numbers,NGOs,influence social media and other means to find a bed said by senior journalist.

Senior officer told reporters,our Anekal Sub-Division, DYSP,H Mahadevappa received information about illegally hoarding and selling life saving drug Remdesivir injection vials in black.

Based on a tip off that the hospital is involved in selling injections in black a team of police led by Inspector Goutham J,approached the hospital as prospective customers and caught the accused red handed while they were trying to sell the life saving drug Remdesivir injection in black rate.

During search the police team have also seized two bottles of injections vials which the accused have availed from government quota.

During investigation the accused confessed the crime that they have availed the injection vials in government quota and has violated law as people are dieing because of shortage of Remdesivir injection vials and this people to make ease money are playing with the life of patients and charging exhobirant price.

Meanwhile a family lost their father who was admitted in private hospital after he was infected with Covid19 and was undergoing treatment as today in the morning the doctors asked the family members to arrange for a life saving drug Remdesivir injection vials emergencily.

The family members contacted the drug control control room for the Remdesivir injection vials as prescribed by the doctors and the control room took a note and said we have noted the requirement and once it is available we will send.

But it is alleged that the relatives tried across city to all the corners nearly 100 pharmas and requested many officers for life saving drug for their father as the Remdesivir injection vials dint reach in time later by evening the patient succumbed to Covid because of life saving drug Remdesivir injection was not available in time.

The family leaves in north Bengaluru and the victim who died due to Covid! is survived by his wife and three children’s in Bengaluru.

But here this some people of pharmacy and doctors medical distributors and hospital management are playing with the lives of people who are struggling to get Remdesivir injection vials for the family members and here this people are taking advantage of the pandemic situation and are illegally hoarding the vials and selling it into higher price to make quick buck and become rich are now cooling their heels in jail.

The Jigani police have also seized two bottles of the injections from the hospital and also booked  Dr Jagadish Hiremath,head of the hospital a case has been registered in Jigani police station charging the trio under various sections of the Drug Control Act and also under cheating and further investigation is on.

Finally,IGP Central Range,Chandrashekhar,has appreciated, Bengaluru Rural SP,Ravi D Chennanavar,Addl SP,Lakshmi Ganesh,DYSP, Anekal Sub-Division,Dr.HM Mahadevappa,PI,Gautham J,PSIs,Govinda BT,Shivalinganaik,and crime staff as,Srinivas,Mahesh,Sharieff Sab,Kottesh,and other has been appreciated for the commendable and exemplary work done by them a suitable reward will be given to the team he added.