SIT officials visited Gokak hospital to check on Ramesh Jarkiholi’s Corona positive report,CD lady lawyers submits letter to commissioner seeking probe on Ramesh Jarkiholi’s Corona infection:

Sushma Gowda (Correspondent)

SIT officials on Tuesday visited gokak district hospital and inquired with the doctors and hospital staff about Ramesh Jarkiholi condition.

The officials questioned the doctors treating Ramesh asking him about when was he had carona positive and about the admission and treatment given to him.

The officials asked the doctors about Ramesh’s hospitalisation and his condition.The officials will submit a report on this to SIT Chief for further procedure.

Earlier, KN Jagadish and Surya Mukundaraj,advocates representing the woman in CD has submitted a letter to commissioner of Police, Kamal Pant seeking probe to ascertain whether Ramesh Jarkiholi had really contacted with corona infection.They asked Mr.Pant to send a team of medical expert to examine and submit a report on this.

Since High court sought details of the Investigation,they appeal to Mr.Pant to consider this seriously and take action against Ramesh who is misguiding the course of Investigation.

The Gokak hospital staff in the history of medical science dressed Ramesh Jarkiholi in PPE kit with cloth mask and giving treatment in ICU instead of ventilator or oxygen mask,the letter said.

The lawyers even said,Ramesh Jarkiholi is close to Dr.Sudhakar,Minister of medical education and using his influence he got the corona positive report and pressurised the hospital staff to admit him in ICU.This is to avoid appearing before the questioning authority and this has to probed in detail,the letter said.

The advocates also criticised the SIT for giving total concession to Ramesh Jarkiholi from appearing in person for questioning while the woman who is the alleged victim and complainant in the case has been questioned for four days continuously.

Reacting to this,Mr.Pant told reporters,that the SIT Investigation is on right track and the head of the Investigation can not be question unnecessarily.

Meanwhile special teams of officials continued to track down prime suspects Naresh Gowda and Shravan who are on the run.

Five special teams have been formed to trace the duo and efforts are on,a senior officer said.