Cyber Crook hacks software Engineer email accounts in Bengaluru

Yogesh K Porwar.Avanth Kumar Kankaria

A 45-year-old software engineer has filed a complaint with the white field cyber crime police against the unknown person accusing them of hacking into his email accounts and manipulating the data and his identity.

In his complaint Mr.Santosh CS,resident of Chanasandra working as program Manager in a reputed IT firm,said that he is witnessing the series of events since December 2019 to August this year,where two of his accounts have been hacked to manipulate the data and monitor his activities online.

After hacking into account and using his identity, someone the hacker has searched for the job of a nurse and his emails and banking transactions have been verified .

Adding to the worse,the hacker set a password for his laptop using spyware and keytracker software .

The hacker is harassing him by manipulating every activity.Recently he had booked two pairs of shoes online from a reputed branded store online.The hacker however changes the size of his shoes from 8 to 6, Santosh said in his complaint .

He further said that he is having domestic issues and fighting for the custody of his minor child . Amidst this the hacker is troubling him by manipulating his activities and to keep a close watch on him.

The police have sought more details from the complainant to corroborate his claim for further investigations .

Based on the complaint, the police on Monday registered a case against a suspect identified as Sibel Ahmed,charging him under section 66C (unauthorized access to the computer resource) and Section 66D ( cheating by personation by using computer resource) of the IT act on Monday and further investigation said senior official.