Ramesh Jarkiholi sleaze CD case: CD lady releases another video doubting credibility of SIT investigation,Jarkiholi says big is the big conspiracy against me:

Pramesh S Jain. Yogesh K Porwar

As the Special Investigation Team is investigating the sex scandal allegedly involving former Minister Ramesh Jarkiholi,the woman who is said to be in the purported video has raised doubts over the credibility of investigating agency and sought protection to her family.

In a major twist to the ongoing investigation,the woman in the CD scandal released another video casting aspersions on SIT credibility and sought protection to her family.

This is the second video released by the woman seeking protection.

My family did not give complaint on their own, she said without elobotating on this further sought protection to her family.

The security of my family is utmost important, she said requesting opposition party leader Siddaramaiah,DK Shivakumar,Ramesh Kumar and women organizations to help her.

I had sent the video to Commissioner’s office to SIT on march 12 addressing Home minister seeking protection and explained.But the video made it public half an hour after he filed complaint.

This raise doubt that SIT is protecting whom,she questioned in the video.

She further said that the safety of her parents is important and will come before the SIT only after security is provided.

I will give statement and follow procedure only after security provided.

It may be recalled that the victim had earlier released video requesting Home minister to provide security and accused Ramesh Jarkiholi of cheating her promising government Job.

As soon as the video was released the SIT team called a high value meeting and a marathon meeting was going on in commissioner office and as the CD lady raised doubts on commissioner of police and SIT team about their credibility.

Commissioner of police Kamal Pant told reporters,and was anger on the CD lady for doubting their credibility and he asked how she released the video to which officer she has released through which platform she has released the video let her tell the officers name to whom she has given the CD still we say we will give full protection to her and her family too.

She can come infront of us and give her statement or we will send police personnel with women police to record her statement and we will give her full protection.

It should be noted that no police officer will leak the video released by any woman or others and it is a false thought of the woman that police have leaked the video we have received the video from media house and we have written to all media houses asking them source of the video he added.

Soumendhu Mukherjee,SIT Chief told reporters and said the investigation is going in right path and with hassle free a fair probe is being done and we have not received any CD as claimed by the woman he added.

Sources in the SIT said during investigation the team has found the Raw footage of the CD which is of more than 50 minutes video and the video released has been edited the master piece of CD has been sent to FSL for examination says sources.

The SIT on Wednesday recovered the mobile phone of Ramesh Jarkiholi to analyze the data to ascertain his communication details with the woman and others.

BJP leader Ramesh Jarkiholi on Thursday claimed that he had shocking evidence to show who was behind the sex scandal in which he is embroiled.

I have (evidence) right here in my pocket.You’ll be shocked.I’ll let it out when I have to,Ramesh told reporters.

Ramesh said this evidence was against that ‘great leader whom he believes orchestrated the sex scandal.I haven’t revealed the name of the great leader because what if he’s innocent and someone else was just using his name? So,let’s wait he said.

The Former Minister downplayed a second video by the unidentified woman,who has accused him of sexual exploitation,seeking protection for her parents.

“Please think about the puppetry and conspiracy involved in this,Ramesh said.First, her video came out half-an-hour after I filed my complaint on March 13.Now, she says her video had been sent on March 12 itself.There’s politics behind this,he said.I’m ready to face ten more CDs.

The woman,according to Ramesh,was under pressure.Also, look at the planning,what was (her)voice then and what is it now?.

The Belagavi strongman said he will not keep quiet till those involved in this conspiracy are put behind bars.We have also readied evidence over the last ten days,he said.I haven’t wronged and I will 100% succeed.With God’s blessings, I’ll come out of this.

On the Congress demand that he should be booked for rape,Ramesh said,Till a few days ago, I had a lot of respect for (Congress Legislature Party leader)Siddaramaiah.I don’t know why he’s pressing for a rape case against me.God bless him he said addressing reporters in Bengaluru.

Reacting to the woman’s statement,Home Minister Bommai said the SIT was doing an impartial probe and was ready to give protection to her and also her parents.

Let whoever say whatever they want,we are doing an impartial probe,our officials have said they have inquired Ramesh Jarkiholi also,and are ready to take the woman’s statement,Bommai said.

If she says where she is,we will depute woman police for her security and she can give her statement,or if she wants to come here and give it, we will provide security here too,he added.

Observing that the probe is not in favour or against anyone,the Minister said,it is being done to bring out the truth.Such turns keep coming during the course of investigation,taking them positively,without having anything against any one SIT is doing an impartial investigation and they will take necessary action.

Asked about women seeking protection from Siddaramaiah and Shivakumar,he said,I don’t know why she has asked them,the question should be put to them he added .