Tenants held by HAL Police for harassing PG Owner,for asking rent in Bengaluru:

Pramesh S Jain

The HAL police have registered a case against and arrested a woman and her boy friend who threatened an elderly couple to foist rape case against them after they demanded her to pay the dues to them.

The accused has been identified as,Bhuvana,and her boy friend a Rowdy sheeter identified as Vishal.

Senior officer,told reporters,Based on the complaint the police arrested Bhuvana and her boy friend Vishal.

The accused were maintaining PG accomodation owned by elderly couple.Bhuvana owed dues of Rs.1.5 crore dues which she earned through PG but she was threatening them since 2019 whenever they asked her to clear the dues.

The couple approached the court and got direction to HAL police to act on their complaint.

Based on the direction the police arrested Bhuvana and Vishal.

During investigation it was found,Bhuvana a divorcee living with a Rowdy sheeter using him to threaten the elderly couple whenever they ask for money .

Bhuvana had not even paid electricity and water bill.She had reportedly threatened many People and cheated them,the officer said a case has been registered and both the accused has been arrested and further investigation is on he added.