International Anti Corruption Day Celebrated in Unique way,Seven Whistleblowers Honoured by ACB Karnataka

International Anti Corruption Day Celebrated in Unique way,Seven Whistleblowers Honoured by ACB Karnataka :
“Seven whistleblowers felecitated by ACB Karnataka for raising their voice against corrupt officials to bring a change in the society”.
The Anti-corruption Bureau of Karnataka celebrated International Anti-corruption day in a very unique way by felicitating the seven whistleblowers as Heroes who had courage to file complaints against corrupt officials and standed against corruption with us as say No to corruption say Yes to development of nation they were felicitated by former Justice,A.V.Chandrashekar and Advocate General,Uday Holla,with IGP, ACB,M.Chandrashekar was too present at the unique event of felecilation ceremony organised by ACB Karnataka to mark International Anti Corruption day event held at visveshwaraya Auditorium in Bengaluru.
In its first of its kind in a unique initiative by IGP,ACB,M Chandrashekar,SPs as,Sanjeev Patil,Ram Nivas Sepat,with other officers and dignitaries as A.V.Chandrashekar former High Court Judge and Member of KAT tribunal,Uday Holla,Advocate General of government of karnataka was present at the felecitation ceremony and was presided the awareness programme by sharing their views about how to prevent corruption in the society and they even felicitated the seven whistleblowers who has come forward and standed against corruption with their one initiative many have been benefited in getting their work done.
The seven whistleblower who standed against corruption are,Muralidhar from Bagalkot,Kashinath from Belagavi,Harish Kumar from Dakshina Kannada,T.Narasimha from Bellary,Veeranna Shivakumarapa Sindhura from Haveri,Shivappa Basavenapa Malagi from Haveri and Smt.Leelavathi from Mysuru are the seven whistleblowers who mustered courage to file a complaint against corrupt officials were felicitated at an event organised by ACB Karnataka to mark International Anti Corruption day.
ACB is a young organisation and it has started in the year April 2016.
Statistics : in 2016 -153 cases were 2017-289 cases were filled.and till today December 9th we have already registered 349 cases against the prevention of corruption Act. Information about corruption ends in trap.There will be a outreach program in every Tehsil will be presided by DYSP.
Various seminars, campaigns, plays, skits etc. were organised to provide knowledge to the public regarding corruption and how to curb it. Also, pamphlets, booklets were distributed at several places.
Several personalities, politicians, notable writers, journalists and members from private organisations also come forward to make awareness regarding corruption and reaffirm their faith for a corruption free society.
Election leads corruption If corruption comes down development will take place says,Advocate General Uday Holla.
M.Chandrashekar,IGP,ACB,told media persons that,Basic intention of doing this programme as International Anti-corruption day is to ensure that people reaches us whenever they are in trouble as far as corruption concern to help people who are effected by corruption and we had felicitated Seven such Heroes and this function as awareness programme is all about those heroes because it is International Anti-Corruption day.But it was to project these heroes they are the agents of change which we want to see.All the seven people they are from the normal background they had problems from certain authorities where corrupt demands were made and they had come to the ACB and they also would have the fear that they will be targeted the movement they complaint but still they said No To Corruption and they came to us and we certainly helped them out in seeking them justice and solving there problem by trapping the corrupt officer red handedly.I M.Chandrashekar,as a member of the Anti-Corruption Bureau will promise every genuine complaint every initial every genuine complainant come to us but we will not only act on the complaints but we will also ensure that there is no future victimisation because of their complaints and me and my ACB organisation will stand by this word which I have given to public and complainants during the post of function he added.
International Anti Corruption Day is observed every year on 9 December across the globe.It is celebrated to raise the awareness among people about corruption and what they can do to fight it.
This day is celebrated worldwide under the observance of United Nations and encourages a global fight against corruption keeping the sustainable development goal of 2030 at the apex.
Corruption is a serious crime that can undermine social and economic development in all societies.No country, region or community is immune from corruption.It is found in all parts of the world whether it is political, social or economic which threatens and undermines the democratic institutions, contributes the governmental instability and slows down the economic development.
In easy words we can say that corruption is dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery or corruption is the abuse of entrusted power for private gain and can occur in several forms. It corrodes the fabric of the society. It takes people freedom, health, money and sometimes their lives. Someone has correctly said that “Corruption is a sweet poison”.
In India also this day is observed as an organised event by several government and non-government organisations. Essay writing and speech competitions for children are organised in schools and colleges to make them aware about corruption and how it affect the society. Local authorities distribute pamphlets in public by mentioning incidents of corruption and encourage people to raise their voice against corruption. Also, assurance is given to the people who register their complaints against corruption and keep their details confidential. This is also one of the moves to encourage people so that they come forward and fight with corruption.
Several people also organise events in their locality to spread awareness and also provide knowledge to the people about the responsibilities that are entrusted upon the officials and the government. In fact we should support and encourage others who raised their voice. Also, we should demand transparency in the functioning of various departments. Nowadays, social media plays a vital role in spreading messages, encourage people and provide information from every hook and corner of the country wherever corruption takes place.
We take things lightly, ignore what happens around us because mostly people are of the opinion that corruption is a part and parcel of life and nothing can be done to eradicate it. But it is necessary to understand that unless we as the citizens are not determined to do away with corruption from the roots, accept whatever wrong happened with us then how can we expect from the government to be corruption free.In fact the objective of achieving sustainable development globally by 2030 is possible only if we eliminate corruption.
How International Anti Corruption Day is celebrated?
As we know that the International Anti Corruption Day is organised by United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and by United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) every year all over the world. All these agencies work together and with their regional partners in combating corruption at the cross borders and also to promote and encourage the exchange of information.