Ishika Khurana

Do you feel Depressed or Suicidal?
We have often heard of this statement, “I’m into depression, please leave me alone.” An anthem if we call it. Why not.
Well, some people are so much oblivious of the term “Depression” in today’s era. Teenagers these days have no idea what it means but when they are saddened, heartbroken, witful and fail to pass an exam, they normally put themselves in the category of it as if it’s very casual & ordinary.

Depression itself explains sadness, feeling down, having a lost of interest and “depressed feelings”, obviously. Not every phase you’re going through can be termed into depression.

Depression makes you become an introvert, insomniac/ sleeping too much, withdrawal from friends and family, helpless and guilty.

Depression is no JOKE. This is something really serious. So, stop portraying yourself as a victim of anti- coping bias but in reality made the story up for sympathy and attention.
Also, “Suicide is never the solution to every problem” but, overcoming the problems is the best solution.
Stop blaming and start loving yourselves. You are Precious. Never Give Up.