Scam Scam One More Builder Scam

Occasionally, we hear from a friend, or a colleague speaking about a “builder” scam and how someone got stuck in it or has been conned. Several local dailies often speak about it and buyers often feel nervous when indulging in a purchase decision. Real Estate scams ranges from legal frauds to promises of freebies.

Such a new fraud builder is PDM Hi-Tech builder, Bahadurgarh, Haryana. PDM Hi-Tech builder has siphoned off more than 200 Crore in their shell companies and looted all the hard-earned money of more than 400 Home buyers. From past 10 years, people are hoping for their flats and going from one court to another, but no-one is listening.

Even after several complaints, EOW, SFIO & Ministry of Corporate Affairs are not taking any legal action against the cheat and fraud builder. Against this, buyers from PDM Hi-Tech were on dharna in front of Police Headquarter, Jai Singh Road, Near Bangla Sahab Gurdwara, Delhi on 20.02.2020. People from all age groups kids, senior citizens, defense personnel etc. came out and are asking EOW, when will they take serious action against corrupt builders.

Freezing builders account with few lakhs’ money will not solve the problem; in fact, builders should be locked behind the bars. EOW indulging in whitewash, where they go to arrest pre informed builder forth time and return empty hand. Although, FIR has been registered on the directions of Hon’ble Delhi High Court against the PDM Owners; Home Buyers are waiting for some strong and fair investigation.

We request to our pillars of democracy – the executive, the judiciary, the legislature and the press to come forward and help thousands of innocent home buyers who are looking for a peaceful life in their own home.