Five Inter-State Dreaded cyber crooks held,QR code online fraud racket busted by Cyber Crime Cops 200 cases detected :

Pramesh S Jain

A major breakthrough by Bengaluru CCB cyber crime sleuths have arrested a mastermind and his associates who used to cheat innocent people through OLX and Quikr and other online shopping portals by sending QR code and cheating people.

The CCB sleuths have even arrested a person who has imposted himself as Bengaluru Commissioner of Police, Bhaskar Rao by using his portrait on Whatsapp,Google and cheated gullible people.

The accused has been identified as,Karan Singh,35,Akram Khan,18,Harris,21,Jameel,42,Mehjar, 20 years, all residents of Bharatpur District,in Rajasthan.The gang has been accused of cheating and committing similar acts by many people across India,including Bangalore.

Commissioner of Police,Bhaskar Rao told media persons,Cyber Crimes especially QR code fraud,cheating on OLX/Quikr &other online shopping portals increased in recent times,special teams were formed by Joint Commissioner of Police Crime,Sandeep Patil under the supervision of DCP Crime,Kuldeep Kumar R Jain.

A special team of 12 CCB officers headed by Cyber Crime inspector,Prashanth with other officers camped in Rajasthan for 20 days to trace the accused. The special team of officers who was on the operation to nab the cyber crooks a dreaded mastermind criminals with the help of technical inputs and local police they were successful in tracing one accused of the gang identified as Karan Singh.

The team questioned him and during questioning the accused confessed the crime and based on his statement our officers zeroed in on other four accused in which a masternind kingpin Jameel was also arrested by the team.

Detailed investigation by the team has revealed that,the kingpin,of the major haul is Jamil Khan,42,is a resident of Bharatpur in Rajasthan.He is involved in eight criminal cases.One of the other accused is Haris Mohammed Saleem,21,a former employee of a private bank and an e-wallet firm.He has expertise in QR codes and how to use them.He too hails from Bharatpur, said the police.

Another member of the gang,Karan Singh,35,provided the bank account for the money to be transferred while two others,Akram Khan,35,and Mehzair,20 would approach persons who had put up items for sale on online platforms.

Akram and Mehzair used to chat with people and finalise the deal.They would share the phone number of the seller with Haris who would send a QR code.The potential victim would be asked to scan the code to get his money.But when they did that,they found that money would disappear from their accounts.

The accused had even downloaded a photograph of the Bangalore city police commissioner,Bhaskar Rao in December last year using his portrait on social networking sites,and other websites as,Quikr,to buy and sell bike,car,mobile,and other electronic tools, etc,through this they cheated the innocent people.

The gang is suspected of duping over 200 people.The cyber crime police formed a special team and tracked down Karan Singh in Rajasthan.Based on information provided by him,the other gang members were arrested.

Bhaskar Rao even said,the people who work in these online payment sites are themselves resorting to committing cyber crime after gaining expertise.At the moment we have taken the accused into custody and investigations is underway there is a possibility that many cyber crimes have been committed by the gang and they were leading a lavish lifestyle with the ill-gotten money and they remained to elusive as they used to cheat with one name and bank account.

Finally Commissioner of police, Bhaskar Rao has appreciated,Joint CP,Crime,Sandeep Patil,DCPs,as,Kuldeep Kumar R Jain,KP Ravikumar,PIs,as,DM Prashanth Babu and Hazaresh Killeedar,with other officers as PSI,Mrs,Jyoti, ASI,Kumaraswamy and his staff,as,Satish R,Narayana Rao,Anand, Nawaz Khan,Basavaraju,Sadashiva,Parashuram, and Noorullah K,Hayat and Patil are the cyber crime cops who has been successful in cracking the case for this.I praise whole team and announce a suitable reward for them he added.