ISRO unveils ‘Vyommitra’ half-humanoid in Bengaluru,At the Symposium on Human Spaceflight and Exploration Launch organised by, IAA-ISRO-ASI:

Pramesh S Jain 

Vyommitra ISRO’s robot which will travel to space – First Indian woman to ride to space- K Sivan.

 ISRO Chairman,Kailasavadivoo Sivan, Principal Scientific Adviser to Government of India,K Vijay Raghavan and dignitaries from across the world were present and released a book during the inauguration of Symposium on ‘Human Spaceflight and Exploration’, a 3-day event organised by International Academy of Astronautics,(IAA),ISRO and Astronautical Society of India (ASI),at Hotel Conrad in Bengaluru on Wednesday.

Ahead of the launch of India’s maiden human spaceflight venture ‘Gaganyaan’ in December 2021,the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) will undertake two unmanned missions in December 2020 and June 2021,ISRO chairman K. Sivan said on Wednesday.

Addressing the inaugural session of a symposium on ‘Human Spaceflight and Exploration,Present Challenges and Future Trends,Sivan said the Gaganyaan mission will not just aim at successfully conducting India’s maiden human flight to space,but will also set up a new space station to enable continuous human presence in space.

K Sivan,said that,the Gaganyaan mission is not just about sending humans into space,the mission gives us an opportunity to create a framework for long-term national and international cooperation and cooperation.

Sivan said that we all know that scientific discovery,economic development, education,technological development and youth are all becoming targets for the nation.Human space flight provides the right platform to fulfill all these objectives.

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) announced on January 1 that four astronauts have been selected for the Gaganyaan program and their training in Russia will begin soon.

A food menu for these astronauts has also been prepared by DRDO.Egg rolls,Veg rolls, idli,moong dal halwa and veg pulav are also included in the food they will be served in the space.This food of astronauts is being prepared by Defense Food Research Institute, Mysore.There will also be an oven to heat the food in the space.Not only this,there will also be a system of liquid food for astronauts along with water and juice.In view of zero gravity,food is being prepared for Mission Gaganyaan.

Let us tell you that before this ISRO Chief. Sivan had said that the work of both Chandrayaan-3 and Mission Gaganyaan is going on simultaneously.Gaganyaan is India’s first mission to take humans into space.He also said that all the activities related to the third Chandrayaan mission are also going on smoothly.It will have a lander, rover and a propulsion module as before.  He said that the launch of Chandrayaan-3 could go till next year.

The work of ISRO’s big project Gaganyaan has gained momentum.A target by 2022 has been set for this unmanned mission.ISRO will send human robot Vyommitra on a space travel before flying to Gaganyaan.

This robot equipped with many features will do important studies there and send its report.On Wednesday, ISRO introduced Vyommitra to the world and explained its features.ISRO scientist Sam Dayal informed the media that the main job of Vyommitra would be to study the movements of the human body in space.It will send its report to us.

He said there will be three phases of the programme.The short term plan is for two unmanned missions in December 2020 and June 2021,followed by human space flight demonstration in December 2021. We have the midterm goal of sustaining the human space programme,he said.The final phase of the plan would be to enable continuous human presence on a new space station, Sivan said.

In this regard,ISRO has initiated a full-fledged astronaut training facility in close proximity to Bengaluru for meeting its future requirements.The space agency is in talks with other space agencies such as NASA and industries to collaborate with them on human space flight and learn from their experience.

Gaganyaan will also assist in ISRO’s long term goal of conducting inter-planetary missions.An inter-planetary mission is also on the agenda in the long term.

Vyommitra is a specialized robot capable of interacting and can also identify humans.  It can mimic the sounds and movements of passengers going into space.This robot is capable of bending forward and side only.When it is sent into space,it will do some experiments there and during this time it will be in full contact with the command center of ISRO.

“Vyommitra can answer people’s questions”.

Vyommitra can not only interact with people, but it can also answer their questions.In Bangalore today,ISRO spoke about the features of this robot.As Vyommitra told the people,Hi,I am the first prototype of Half Human Now,the people were filled with astonishment.This robot is half humanity because it has no legs.