Indian Army And NCC Participate In ISRO Science Exibhition At Surendranagar, Gujarat

Hiten Shukla

Indian Army and NCC units of Gujarat Directorate participated in the science exhibition by ISRO, Ahmedabad which is being organized at Surendranagar from 22 to 25 Jan 2020 and supported by Dr Mahendra Munjpara, MP, Surendranagar for the benefit of students. More than 3000 students from various schools and colleges of Surendranagar will witness the event over the period of three days.

Konark Gunners of Indian Army conducted a multifaceted awareness event ‘Student Outreach Campaign’ in the exhibition. The campaign being conducted by Army includes ‘Equipment Display’, ‘Join Indian Army Awareness Drive’ and lastly screening of a theme based ‘Motivational Movie about Army’ for students. At the equipment display, an Artillery Medium Gun alongwith its prime mover was displayed and the students were briefed about the equipment and its capabilities.

Army persons with the help of boards depicting various avenues to ‘Join Indian Army’ explained in detail about the various ways to join Army. The students also freely and informally interacted with the army persons. To leave a lasting impression on the students, a motivational movie showing the history, tradition and glory of the Army was screened. The events being conducted by Army is not only spreading awareness about various schemes to join army but also giving a good insight about the Army.

NCC cadets of 26 Gujarat BN from Surendranagar and 3 Gujarat Air Squadron & 3 Gujarat Naval unit of Rajkot Group from Bhavnagar also actively participated in the exhibition by establishing information and aeromodelling and shipmodelling stalls. Various activities were conducted by the NCC Cadets including aero modeling display and drills.

The efforts of ‘Double One Six’ gunners based at Military Station Dhrangadhra and NCC units to ignite young minds and hearts received an overwhelming response from the students, teachers and accolades from the civil administration and local populace.