Took oath as Chief Minister on Basava Jayanti during my first term as CM;It was the aspiration of Basavadi Sharanas to establish a horizontal society by eradicating vertical caste system: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

H ighlights of Chief Minister’s Speech

*I am sincerely trying to follow the path of Basavadi Sharanas.

*Sharanas practiced what they preached. I am also fulfilling our vows as promised.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said that it was the aspiration of Basavadi Sharanas to establish a horizontal society by eradicating vertical caste system. This is my aspiration too.

He was speaking after inaugurating the Basava Jayanti programme organized by Akhila Bharatha Veerashaiva Lingayat Mahasabha,Veerashaiva-Lingayat Sanghas and Mysore Federation of Basava Balagas at Mysore Kalamandir.

Basavadi sharanas created awareness among the Shudra communities and offered no support to the upper class.

Allama Prabhu who was from the deprived class was the president of the Anubhava Mantapa.Thus,Basavadi Sharanas were able to implement the democratic system in the 12th century itself.

Basavanna conducted inter-caste marriages during that period itself.It was for this reason that Bijjala was
pitted against Basavanna,he said.

The aspirations of the 12th century sharanas are yet to be fulfilled.Even after 76 years of independence, the aspirations of democracy and constitution have not been fulfilled and inequality still prevails.

Babasaheb Ambedkar had warned about this possibility during the implementation of the Constitution.The same caution was given by Basavanna and Basavadi sharanas as well in the 12th century itself,the CM said.

Basavadi sharanas made a great revolution through the literature using common man’s language.Is it possible for the people to understand if literature is written in Sanskrit?

Therefore,Sharana literature was created in Kannada, the common language of the people,the CM said

The Basavadi sharanas in the 12th century gave movement to the stagnant caste system.They came forward to create a society which was devoid of caste system and superstitions.

Society should not be divided on the basis of castes. Kuvempu said,”Everyone is born as a Vishwa manava, we become Alpa manavas as we grow” We should become vishwa manavas.

It was Basavanna’s wish that hierarchical society must go and horizontal society must exist,the CM said.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah assured that the demands put forward by the Veerashaiva-Lingayat community will be considered in the next budget.