After BJP-supported goons attack students of JNU, people of Delhi now live in fear—Subhash Chopra

Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee president Shri Subhash Chopra, strongly condemning the violence against JNU students last night, demanded that Union Home Minister Shri Amit Shah should own up moral responsibility for the attack on students by BJP goons and tender his resignation. Addressing a Maha Panchayat at Patparganj today, Shri Chopra said that the people of Delhi are now living in fear after the blatant attack on JNU students by BJP thugs. Ex-MLA Shri Anil Choudhary presided over the Maha Panchayat.Campaign Committee chairman Shri Kirti Azad and Smt. Poonam Azad also addressed the Maha Panchayat.

The large number of people who attended the Maha Panchayat pledged to vote for the Congress party in the Delhi Assembly elections, as both the BJP and Aam Aadmi Party have only fooled the voters to get their support without fulfilling any of the promises. The Maha Panchayat also condemned the violence on JNU students by BJP goons  which has created an atmosphere of fear in Delhi.

Shri Subhash Chopra said that the kind of violence unleased against JNU students by BJP thugs had not been witnessed even during the British rule. He asked Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal that what had been done by his Government at the violence against the Jamia and JNU students other than making some tweets, which showed that his silent endorsement was with the BJP’s brutality against the students. Shri Chopra said that not only Smt. Priyanka Gandhi and other Congress leaders rushed to meet the injured students in the hospital, but the party has also extended its open support to the students.

Shri Subhash Chopra said that Union Home Minister Amit Shah was responsible for this violence as Delhi Police is directly under the Ministry and it remained a moot witness when students were being beaten up by the thugs. He asked Amit Shah why he has not submitted his resignation owning moral responsibility for the attack on students.

Shri Kirti Azad said that the development works in Delhi have come to a grinding halt. Taking a swipe at the Kejriwal Government in Delhi and the   Modi Government, Shri Azad said that both were not only spreading blatant lies, but were misusing the tax payers’ money for propaganda and spreading falsehood. He said that the people of Delhi were waiting for a chance to teach the BJP and AAP a bitter lesson which will be evident in the Delhi Assembly elections as Congress is poised to gain an absolute majority.

Shri Anil Choudhary said that the Patparganj Assembly has gone five years behind schedule as no development work has taken place in the area after AAP came to power, and nothing has been done for the welfare of the people.