Curtain Raiser: Exercise Mitra Shakti-VII: 2019

The seventh edition of India-Sri Lanka joint training exercise, Exercise MITRA SHAKTI– 2019 is scheduled to be conducted at Foreign Training Node (FTN), Pune from 01 – 14 December 2019. The sixth edition of the exercise was held in Sri Lanka.

The aim of this joint training exercise is to build and promote positive relations between armies of India and Sri Lanka with focus on sub unit level training for counter insurgency & counter terrorism operations in urban and rural environment under United Nations mandate. The joint exercise is designed for incorporating the current dynamics of United Nations peace keeping operations through practical & comprehensive discussions and tactical exercises. The joint effort will also focus on achieving the desired level of interoperability and cohesive operational ability of the troops from both India and Sri Lanka through mutual exchange of operational experiences & best practices.

India and Sri Lanka have collaborated on counterterrorism and counterinsurgency operations over the years. The two sides have a long history of military cooperation. Exercise MITRA SHAKTI – 2019 is aimed at sending a strong message to all the member nations of the United Nations of the intent, commitment and capability of the militaries of both India & Sri Lanka towards maintaining world peace and upholding the mandate of United Nations.