Identification of Accident-Prone NHS

Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has been making concerted efforts towards improvement of road safety through engineering measures on National Highways. 789 black spots have been identified and notified with unique ID numbers assigned to each of the spots. Guidelines have been prepared and notified for investigation and rectification of the road accident black spots on National highways. So far 395 black spots have been rectified. Out of these black spots, 510 black spots are under the jurisdiction of NHAI, 150 black spots are under the jurisdiction of State PWD (NH) and remaining 129 black spots are under State Government. Out of 510 black spots under NHAI, 276 have been rectified. Out of 150 black spots under the jurisdiction of PWD (NH), 119 have already been rectified. Out of these 789, a total number of 12 Black Spots are in Odisha. Out of 12 Black Spots 4 have been rectified.

There are many reasons for accidents on the National Highways, i.e.,  Weather condition, Animal Crossing, Defect in Mechanical condition of Motor Vehicle, Physical fatigue of Drivers,  Driving under influence of drug/alcohol,  Over speeding Dangerous driving,   Over-taking  and  Careless/Rash driving etc.

As per information received from police department of all States/UTs, the total number of road accidents and persons killed on National Highways in the country for the calendar years i.e 2016 to 2018 is given in the table below:-